Apex Legends Anniversary Event 2023 - Rewards, Skins, and more

Apex Legends Anniversary 2023

Apex Legends has almost arrived at Season 16, with a ton of changes and new content expected for the update. Celestial Sunrise is still live, with a brand new game mode, and Date Night is coming right after so there's plenty to get stuck into before the new season.

The Anniversary Event is always a great chance to get your hands on some more rewards, and the 4th this year is no different. Here's everything you need to know about when it drops and what you could earn.

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Apex Legends Anniversary Event Start Date

To celebrate Apex’s success and the completion of 4 years, Respawn will release an Anniversary Collection Event on February 22, 2023. Like always, there’ll be new and old cosmetic items, free rewards, and lots of surprises waiting for players.

In the same way as the 2022 Apex Legends anniversary, players will receive two thematic packs. The Thematic Packs will be based on Ash and Crypto, and will include the legends themselves if you don't have them unlocked.

We will also be receiving a ton of new skins and recolours to celebrate the event.

Anniversary Event Skins

Here's everything we expect to drop in the way of skins and recolours to celebrate the 4th birthday of Apex Legends:

Legends Skins

  • Bangalore Legend Recolour
  • Bloodhound Legends Recolour
  • Wattson 2023 Anniversary Epic

Weapon Skins

  • CAR 2023 Anniversary Epic
  • Mastiff 2023 Anniversary Epic
  • R-301 2023 Anniversary Epic
  • R99 2023 Anniversary Epic
  • Wingman 2023 Anniversary Epic

It's also likely that we'll see a Wraith Heirloom recolour, according to dataminers.

The end result is that you'll have a ton of new rewards to collect during the event, and buff up your collection. We expect the event to run for around two weeks, and take us well into Apex Legends Season 16.

Although Respawn hasn’t said anything regarding this yet, it only seems probable that they will release a new type of Heirloom modification in the Anniversary Collection Event. However, the Wraith Heirloom recolour isn’t confirmed yet. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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