How Apex Legends is Making The Game Better for Newbies

In season 16 of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment is working to create some new help for new players.

Many players of the game struggled with the new mechanics of the battle royale and how to cope in games.

This is why Respawn has lengthened the start-up process to ensure players are ready.

There will be lots of new content added to make the ride as smooth as possible and ensure a good start for players.

These include welcome challenges, new bot missions, and more coming to Apex in season 16.

Changes to the firing range have also helped to freshen more veteran players of the game too.

So, let's look at the new changes coming for new players of Apex Legends in season 16 of the game.

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First Time User Experience and Orientation Matches in Apex Legends

Orientation matches will now become the norm for all new players in Apex Legends.

These orientation matches will help to guide the player to what their experience may be in the real game.

All of these changes will help to ensure that a new player doesn't feel overwhelmed with the game.

Playing in the real game can become a little overwhelming, especially for those who have never played a battle royale.

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Bots in Beginner Apex Matches

For the first batch of games in Apex Legends, players will be playing with a team of human players against bots.

These bots will act as human players but have much-simplified strategies and moves.

So, this will make the first couple of matches much easier to manage as a newbie.

Players will compete in these bot games until they have reached a certain number of them or have won five times in a row.

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Welcome Challenges in Game

These challenges will task players to engage in some new strategies and learn some of the smaller details of the game.

Ideas such as tap strafing may be included in these challenges so new players can hold their own to veterans.

New First-Time Player Video

A brand-new first time player video will also be shown to all of the new players with some general ideas, tips, and tricks for gameplay.

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