Wasteland 3 Developer, inXile Entertainment, Developing A First-Person Action RPG According To Job Listings

Wasteland 3 was one of the best games of last year and won a number of awards, alongside being beloved by critics and fans of the franchise.

Well, now it seems like the team is set to move into first-person RPGs, with inXile Entertainment job listings revealing some details about their next project.

First-Person Action RPG In The Works At inXile

First spotted by Twisted Voxel, the job listings make reference to a number of aspects of the project.

The opening for a Senior Gameplay Designer asks for someone who can create "powerful, tactile first-person weapons and unique combat abilities that draw the player right into the middle of the action."

The listing for a Lead Gameplay Engineer references the game as a "next-generation action role-playing game." suggesting that the game will be available for Xbox Series S/X and PC.

Further into the listings you can find an Art Director position which is seeking someone who can develop a new animation system in order to create "visually stunning 3D facial animations” and “deliver life-like face performances on original timeless characters.”

Previously we knew that this game will be running on Unreal Engine 5, which will begin being distributed and used in games from this year.

The first person perspective marks a major change for inXile, who are known for their top-down perspectives. The switch from tactical to action is also a notable shift and likely suggests that this will be the team's most ambitious game yet.

This title will launch on Xbox Game Pass, as a part of Microsoft's efforts to continue bolstering the service; although, it will likely not be released for years, as Wasteland 3 only came out in August 2020.

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