New Fable details revealed in job listing

After over a decade since the last main series game, a new Fable is in development.

This is something many fans hoped for, but never expected to happen as the studio that created the games, Lionhead Studios, closed its doors in 2016.

A new job listing has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming Fable reboot.

Job Listing Reveals Interesting Details

It was revealed the Turn10 Studios, the developers behind the Forza series, would be taking the helm for the Fable reboot.

In a job listing on Microsoft's website, the studio is looking to hire a software engineer, nothing unusual really.

However, digging deeper into the listing reveals some interesting details about Fable.

It states that the new Fable game will be created on the ForzaTech engine, the engine that powers the Forza series.

So, an open-world action RPG is going to run on the same engine as a racing game.

Fable 4 Key Art
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Although fairly unusual, it isn't the only instance where games in completely different genres have shared an engine.

EA uses its Frostbite engine for quite a lot of projects including FIFA, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, and Plants vs Zombies.

A well-built engine can be very versatile so it is not surprising that Turn10 chose to stick to an engine they know and created, rather than utilizing another Microsoft owned engine or something like Unreal Engine.

But, it is an interesting piece of information that you can tell your friends when discussing the game.

The software engineer's role will be to enrich the toolset of the engine to add ray tracing and other features to support the engine through the next generation.

So, that also confirms that Fable, and likely Forza Motorsport 8 and Horizon 5 will feature ray tracing, which would be expected anyway.

It is likely we will see features such as ray tracing implemented into the majority of major AAA releases going forward.

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