Here are July 2021's Games With Gold Games

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The Games with Gold reveal is usually followed by great disappointment. Following Major Nelson's Tweet announcement, today is no different. Ultimately, it just can't compete with the great value of Game Pass Ultimate. Here's everything you should know.

Latest - New Games Revealed

The latest Games with Gold games are Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3, Conker: Live & Reloaded and Midway Arcade Origins.

Keep an eye out for the latest updates throughout the week.

When Did We Know The Games?

Major Nelson typically reveals the monthly Games with Gold line-up in the last week of the month. This means the announcement for July's Games with Gold would arrive this week.

There are no solid leads on which games would be available this month, but you can check out our predictions for the two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 titles here.

Our track record with predictions isn't great, but even a broken clock is right twice a day!

The second set of games for June have just gone live meaning Injustice: Gods Among Us and Shadows: Awakening are now free to download. They will be free until 30 June and 15 July respectively.

When Can You Download July's Games With Gold?

We don't expect any changes to the typical schedule for Games with Gold in July. Expect that the first set of games will be available on 1 July, with the second set available mid-month between the 16-18 July.

We'll keep you updated when we have more information on July's Game with Gold line-up

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