WWE’s top 5 mic workers of 2017

WWE has seen a huge number of terrific promos and characters in 2017, but who was the best?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

(Photo credit: SimonCarter)

More than any other wrestling promotion in the world, WWE relies on their wrestlers talking and building a character to really sell the drama and tension of their feuds. Sometimes that can be a negative, because there are a lot of charisma-voids that roll through WWE (Looking at you Ryback), but sometimes the opportunity to grab a microphone and speak directly can create a character that becomes a huge hit with the audience.

Before we get to our top five, let’s go through some of those that came oh-so-close to making it.

NXT’s hottest feud of the year was easily that between Aleister Black and the Velveteen Dream, and both nearly made out top five on the strength of the personas they put forward during it. Fellow NXT standouts Adam Cole, Eric Young, and Nikki Cross also received consideration for their exceptionally well-crafted personalities.

On the main roster, commentator Corey Graves received a lot of love not only for his place as the voice of reason against Booker T’s madness, but also for the passion and believability with which he rips on Elias. Drew Gulak’s run on 205 Live got him some votes, while John Cena and the biggest babyface in WWE, Braun Strowman, came very close as well.

However, these are the top five characters and mic workers in WWE this year…


Toby Durant