WWE putting the Raw tag titles on The Bar was the right call

During this week's Monday Night Raw, one of the inter-promotional matches for the Survivor Series event was drastically changed. During a Tag Team Championship match between The Shield and The Bar, The New Day emerged from the crowd, threatening "Under Siege 2". Sheamus took advantage of the distraction to deliver a Brogue Kick to Seth Rollins, pinning him to win the straps for himself and Cesaro. 

It's true that the previously-advertised champions vs champions match between The Shield vs The Usos was arguably one of the most anticipated matches of the Survivor Series card, especially as, until this week, it was the only face vs heel match between brand champions. However, replacing the Hounds of Justice with the Bar shouldn't have a huge impact on the quality of the match, as Cesaro remains one of the most skilled workers in WWE, and Sheamus is more than capable of holding his own. Even the prospect of having heel vs heel up and down the card is somewhat alleviated with AJ Styles defeating Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship on SmackDown.

Raising the bar

Although The Bar has replaced The Shield in the champions vs champions tag team match, The Usos' spot in the bout is unconfirmed. Though they successfully retained their titles against Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin due to a countout victory, Jey Uso appeared to suffer a knee injury that, at this point, is uncertain if its legit or kayfabe.

Even if it is the former, and they were to be replaced by Gable & Benjamin, it shouldn't damage the in-ring quality that the match would produce - Chad Gable remains criminally underpushed by the WWE brass given his impressive ability between the ropes, and Shelton Benjamin still hasn't had his spotlight moment since his return to the WWE. In either case, whether it's The Usos or Gable & Benjamin who represent the blue brand, the match should still be a show-stealer.

Together at last

Leaving the champions vs champions match aside, having Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose drop the belts thanks to New Day's interference sets up another inter-brand match for Survivor Series, one which is likely to be even more highly anticipated. As everyone missed out on a full Shield reunion at TLC due to Roman Reigns being out with an illness, WWE could finally unveil the reunited trio in a match against The New Day, pitting arguably the two most beloved stables of the past few years against each other.

WWE have a chance to really ramp up a feud between the two groups within the next two weeks. The Shield v New Day is easy to promote as being a big match, as this would be the official reunion match for The Shield. The match would also provide a good change of pace from all the champion vs champion matches.

More importantly, it would arguably have more fan investment than any other match on the card. The New Day have been unstoppable merchandise machines, as over as any act in the WWE and are coming off the best tag team feud the main roster has seen in years. Meanwhile, The Shield's popularity is so unwavering that they've even managed to get Roman Reigns cheered. Whoever would win that match - as long as the quality was good, and frankly there's enough talent between the six performers to make for a match-of-the-year candidate - would have the crowd happy. And on a night dominated by matches between heels, this match might be exactly what Survivor Series needs.

Are you happy that The Bar won the Raw Tag Team Championships? Do you think The New Day should battle The Shield at Survivor Series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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