WWE 2K22: Sting tops most downloaded CAWs as AEW dominates Community Creations

WWE 2K22 has only been available a little over a week, but creators have already been hard at work with AEW stars like Sting as the one of the top CAWs.

Whether it's CAWs or Arenas or Titles, WWE 2K22 Community Creations has already become dominated by AEW.

WWE 2K22: Sting tops most downloaded CAWs

WWE 2K22 follows in the footsteps of the franchise with another in-depth high quality Creation Suite this year, but they've upgraded a major aspect.

Community Creations are finally cross-platform, and that's given creators the ability to spread their CAWs (Create-A-Wrestlers) and other custom creations with even more players.

While it's not exactly a surprise that several AEW stars have already popped up as CAWs in Community Creations, there's only one holding the top spot right now.

WWE 2K22 Sting AEW Community Creations
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IT'S STING: The full listing of Dre41's creation can be seen here

"The Icon" Sting, who debuted all the way back in 1985 and also jumped off a ledge through a table at AEW Revolution just over a week ago, is currently the most downloaded CAW in WWE 2K22.

The version available at the top of the charts was made by creator Dre41, who can be found on Twitter here, and it's so far been downloaded 46,897 times with 5,880 up votes as of our last check.

Those numbers are sure to continue increasing, as it's easy to find the Most Downloaded in-game and everyone browsing Community Creations may want to add "The Icon" to their WWE 2K22 roster.

AEW is all over the top Community Creations

When it comes to most downloaded CAWs, AEW holds the top 6 spots currently with Sting, Tommy End (Malaki Black), CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and Jon Moxley.

However, that AEW presence is felt in WWE 2K22 with more than just CAWs as there are several Arenas and Championships highlighting Community Creations.

WWE 2K22 CAWs AEW Community Creations
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ALL ELITE: You can spot the TNT Title, AEW Dynamite, and multiple wrestlers here

The AEW Dynamite arena and AEW TNT Championship are both among the top 10 most downloaded items currently available in WWE 2K22 Community Creations.

While this happened to some extent with WWE 2K20, as that game arrived just after AEW had begun on TNT, we've seen a major uptick thanks to this being a significantly better game.

WWE 2K22 developer Visual Concepts has also made a point to reach out to creators both in the buildup to release and since the launch of the game, and as a result some of the best CAW creators already have dozens of creations uploaded in the game.

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