WWE 2K22 Ratings: Drew McIntyre reveal puts him near the top of known overalls

WWE 2K22 ratings continue to trickle in as we get a better idea of who the strongest superstars will be in this year's game.

The latest reveal focused on Drew McIntyre, and it puts him among the highest overalls in WWE 2K22.

Drew McIntyre WWE 2K22 Ratings Revealed

As more WWE 2K22 ratings roll in, we've now learned exactly how powerful "The Scottish Warrior" Drew McIntyre will be this year.

As seen below in the official reveal, Drew McIntyre will have a 91 OVR rating in WWE 2K22, though we don't expect you'll be able to use the actual sword in the game.

While he may not take the top spot, this is a big step up for Drew McIntyre considering the overalls he's seen in the past from the WWE games.

Drew McIntyre first appeared in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, and he was just an 84 OVR rated superstar in that game.

Even in their last release, Drew McIntyre was only an 87 OVR in WWE 2K20, and he's now got a significant 4-point jump heading into WWE 2K22.

It seems only right that his WWE 2K22 ratings reflect McIntyre is now a former WWE Champion, as that's something we couldn't say when WWE 2K20 launched.

McIntyre near top of known overalls, could have prime MyFACTION card

With this ranking, Drew McIntyre is tied with Bobby Lashley in each having 91 overalls, but they're still behind one monumental name.

As of now, the highest overall rating to be revealed is still the nWo 4 Life Edition version of Hulk Hogan at a 92 OVR rating.

One other indicator of what we could see from Drew McIntyre in WWE 2K22 is the new MyFACTION mode, which is taking heavy inspiration from MyTEAM in NBA 2K22.

WWE 2K22 ratings bobby lashley myfaction cards
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MyFACTION: Get ready to open packs and collect these unique cards

These are the first few MyFACTION cards that have already been revealed, and one key thing to notice is Bobby Lashley firmly at the top of Superstars Series I with a 72 OVR card.

It's no shocker that overalls will be much lower in MyFACTION, as these are likely base set cards provided at the very beginning while more powerful ones will be available in other sets.

With Lashley near the top of this group, which even includes Asuka and Roman Reigns below his overall rating, we could see Drew McIntyre get a similarly powerful 72 OVR card in the Superstars Series I set.

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