WWE 2K20 Preview: New features, roster ratings, showcase, MyCareer & more

Wrestling is hot again, and this years 2K game is coming to your console soon. What will it include?

The tradition of annual sports game releases even envelops the biggest wrestling company in the world.

WWE, with their weekly shows and monthly PPV events, may not be a sport in the eyes of many, but nevertheless they get an annual title with 2K Sports which excites and entertains wrestling fans everywhere.

As with every sports game, the big question for WWE 2K20 is “what’s new?”. We attended a preview event in London last week to get a feel for exactly what is new this year with one of 2K’s biggest titles ahead of its 22 October release date.

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New controls

STUNNER: Be ready for a new finisher trigger

The first thing players will have to get to grips with is new controls. 2K have completely revamped the way you control your wrestler, while things like basic strikes and grapples are the same, you execute finishers and reversals differently, while special controls like ladder climbing and cage exits are also different.

This isn’t too much of a shock to the system, but I quickly found myself mashing RT for a reversal, forgetting that Y is the new control for it. It will take some getting used to for seasoned players, but it promises to clarify the way you control your wrestler, with fewer commands linked to the same button.

2K Showcase: 4 Horsewomen

BREAK THE WHEEL: This year’s Showcase is all about breaking boundaries

It’s safe to say that the women’s roster has been making waves in the WWE over the last few years, with the charge led primarily by The 4 Horsewomen. These 4 NXT graduates hit the main roster and discovered the usual issues that working under Vince McMahon brings, but their powerful personalities and talent in the ring led to a number of glass ceilings being broken.

To celebrate the milestones these women hit, 2K has dedicated this years Showcase to them. It opens with Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, & Bayley talking about their early dreams of wrestling before throwing you into the NXT Women’s Championship match between a young Charlotte and Natalya. With Ric Flair and Bret Hart at ring side you get the usual beats of a Showcase match before moving on and eventually reaching the main event of WrestleMania.

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Online Lobbies are back

It has always been tough to find a match online in WWE games. With an insane number of match-types to choose from there can be thousands of people online, but only a handful in your selected game type, leaving you with few options to play.

To help build the online community 2K have returned lobbies to the game. Now you can open a lobby for a specific match-type if you want, or jump into a quick-play lobby and just accept whatever game type comes up. Maybe you’ll be in an Elimination Chamber, or maybe a Falls Count Anywhere, but you’ll be in a game and playing rather than waiting around.

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