WWE 2K Battlegrounds: WWE 2K21 to be replaced by all-new arcade game

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After the glitched and broken mess that was WWE 2K20, everyone expected a new direction for this year. I don't think many people would have predicted this from 2K though.

The future of WWE games has been revealed and the next game to arrive is WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

2K's new take on WWE will be a more arcadey, flashy, and family-orientated one.

This new release comes off the back of the news that the WWE 2K series (in this case WWE 2K21) will halt its production for now.

Here's what we know about WWE 2K Battlegrounds.


The new game came with a brief teaser trailer that showed just how much of an agressive departure it is from the WWE 2K franchise.

With cartoon-style wrestlers and anime-inspired power moves this game will be like nothing 2K have produced for WWE.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date

The quoted release date for WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the vague Fall 2020.

This could be anywhere from September to late November. WWE 2K games have usually come out around October, so that's the month to keep your eye on.


There are no quoted platforms that this game will be on.

You should expect the usual family of Xbox, PS4, and PC though. The Nintendo Switch may be a little trickier, but with the game certainly aimed more at the younger market it is likely to be on that too.

The vague release date might be to put the game in line with the next-gen consoles though, so it could also launch exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PS5, leaving behind the current generation of hardware.

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