Wrestling Rumor Roundup: Details on Sister Abigail's debut and The Shield's reunion

The Shield to reunite at next week's RAW

So let us get the biggest rumor down first! Last week on RAW, the WWE creative team teased a Shield reunion when Roman Reigns was shown in the locker room flanked by his former justice dealing teammates, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. 

This sent the wrestling community into a meltdown, and some people have assumed that next week on Raw, they will get back together and re-debut in the very same stadium they debuted in (Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis). 

PWInsider.com released an interview with Seth Rollins back in August, at the launch party of the WWE 2K18 video game. Seth said (on the topic of a Shield reunion) "Whether it helps Roman or not, it helps me. I truly enjoy being out there with those guys. We shared some great times in the ring. If it happens, it happens. If not, we’ll all be fine."

So that shows that Seth is up for it - what about you guys? Are you welcoming to the idea of The Shield reuniting?

Sister Abigail debut details

Since last Monday's mystical Bray Wyatt promo on Finn Balor, the internet community has exploded with rumors regarding Sister Abigail's debut. A few sources have released different information about this, so this round-up will go through the most common and reliable ones.

Firstly, prowrestlingsheet.com is certain that sources with "direct knowledge" have told them that the current plan for Bray Wyatt is for him to wrestle at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view under the persona of "Sister Abigail" - similar to how Finn Balor "becomes" the Demon, Bray Wyatt will "become" Sister Abigail. If you saw his last RAW promo, he transformed into another version of Bray that we haven't seen before, and a female was laughing alongside him. However, they are unsure if the match will have any additional stipulations or gimmicks.

The second rumor is that Sage Beckett, the NXT talent, will debut as Sister Abigail. People believe this to be the case because she tweeted a cryptical photo - the silhouette of a female on fire, with "They're all lies darling" written over the top. Twitter users have drawn the connection between the female figure on fire, and Randy Orton "burning" Sister Abigail when he set alight to that garden shed during their terrible feud.

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