Reality of Wrestling: Episode 216 (Recap and Results)

(Photo credit: Patches Chance)

Hyan hates The Rookies

Diamonds division champion Hyan continues her trend of defending her title against what she calls 'the rookies'. This time she faced Jenna Lynn, a fiery newcomer who looks about 12 but hits hard and showed good intensity throughout. The young rookie caught the champ off guard with an early roll up attempt before the champ took control of the match. Trash talking her young challenger as she showed her she is the boss of this division. 

As much as Jenna fought back, Hyan picked up the win to retain the title in a pretty good opener. I’ve been really enjoying Hyan’s story of taking on the rookies who she doesn’t consider in her league.

Handicap match

In a four on two handicap match, Trey Roberts and Cameron Cole battled the numbers as they took on The Legion. Cole and Roberts have had their issues with the mysterious group of late and they wanted to get their revenge on Hendricks and his cronies. Cameron Cole impressed me a lot in this match, showing great speed and impressive offence every time he entered the ring. After he hit a dive to the outside taking out three members of the Legion, Roberts and Hendricks were left in the ring to battle out their differences. With Roberts coming out of the exchange on top, he looked like he had the win only for a mysterious new ghost like character to appear, attacking Roberts and gifting the victory to The Legion. It seems that Hendricks has been recruiting and The Legion have a new member.

Best of 5 series will go to a decider

In the fourth match of their Texas Championship best of 5 series, Ayden Christiano took on Mysterious Q with a lead of 2-1, meaning that a win here would make him the new Texas Champion. Every match in this series so far has been different, and each has entertained and put over both guys as top stars in the company. Mysterious Q seemed more aggressive out of the blocks, knowing that this match was needed to keep himself in the series. Another back-and-forth battle between the two, with both offering a great mixture of speed and power. 

A series of impressive dives from Q to the outside had the crowd cheering loudly, and a couple of brutal looking suplexes gave him the advantage going into the closing stretch. Christiano tried on a number of occasions to remove the mask of his opponent, trying to get any advantage he could to get him closer to the Texas championship. 

Mysterious Q was the better man on the day and after hitting the Q Cutter he picked up the win to make it two wins a piece, meaning we will go into a decider with the winner becoming the new Texas Champion. Really good match to close the show and with no La Familia in his corner, the doubts could be setting in about whether Christiano can do it on his own.

Backstage segments

Ryan Davidson had a really good backstage interview where he stated he had been out of action for 14 days after getting hit by a chair shot from Mike Orlando. Davidson said that he had been through every type of match in Reality of Wrestling, and he always wins.

Ayden Christiano told La Familia that one they get the title back then they will finally have the power. They were interrupted by a message from Booker T, which said that La Familia were banned from ringside for the main event.

Abel confronted Barnes and Bartek about them not having his back in his title loss last week, all while stroking a weight belt like it was his precious title belt (I BLOODY LOVED THIS). Barnes said that Booker stopped them from helping him and that they have a six-man tag match next week against the tag champs and Ray Kantu.

JJ Blake thanked Lex for his help in winning the TV title last week. Blake told Lex that their plan worked, and they had managed to fool everybody, even fooling Booker into making Lex the GM in his absence.

Rex cut a promo on Gino, telling him that Gino doesn’t understand Rex and he doesn’t understand exactly how far Rex will go to get to the top of ROW.

We also saw an exclusive from the training school, where Bryan Keith told Chad Skywalker that he may be impressive, but he isn’t as good as him. Skywalker told Keith that he could beat him anytime he wanted. Keith accepted the challenge and told Skywalker that he will talk to Booker and try to get the match sorted.

Quick Results

Hyan def Jenna Lynn to retain the Diamonds Division Championship

The Legion (Ryan Hendricks, January, February and March) def Cameron Cole and Troy Roberts in a handicap match

Mysterious Q def Ayden Christiano in the Texas Championship Best of 5, series tied 2-2

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