Reality of Wrestling: Episode 215 (Recap and Results)

(Photo credit: Patches Chance)

Lowe continues run against the always impressive Devine

The show opened up with Devin Devine taking on the newly signed Axton Lowe. The commentary team hyped Axton Lowe as the unbeaten new guy who has been on a run since joining the company. Devine is always a pleasure to watch and anytime he wrestles you know you are getting a good match. Why guys like him and Rex Andrews aren’t booked in more places is truly baffling and he again proved his talent here. 

Lowe brought the pace early on before Devine took over with his brutal power, delivering a big super german suplex and as good a brainbuster that I’ve seen in a long time. Lowe sometimes looked a little weak with his offence but otherwise this was a good opener, with Lowe getting the win via a roll up. Afterwards Devine hit a diamond cutter on Lowe, leaving him laid out in the ring before heading to the back. A good story told throughout with Devine getting angry that Lowe had been signed to a contract instead of him.

The big man vows to become a champion

Van Harrison quickly defeated La Familia member Vega in a match that both got him over as a monster and made Vega look like the plucky underdog, so good job all around. Before the match, Harrison cut a promo saying that before the end of the year he will hold a title here in Reality of Wrestling, whether it be the TV, Texas or even the World title. 

The match itself was exactly what it needed to be. With Vega trying many times to put a dent in his much bigger opponent, only for Harrison to swat him away at every turn. A powerbomb delivered the win for Harrison and I certainly wouldn’t bet against him being a champ before the year is out.

Blake becomes the new TV Champ

The main event saw Abel Andrew Jackson defend his TV Title against Terrale Tempo and JJ Blake. This was your typical three-way, with everybody getting the chance to shine. Abel is such an entertaining character whether it be his backstage segments or his mannerisms and athleticism in the ring, he is always so much fun to watch and he is slowly becoming one of my favourite guys in ROW. 

This was a very good main event between three very evenly matched and equally gifted competitors. A ref bump towards the end of the match saw Tempo come close to victory, only for Lex to interfere, hitting Tempo with a stunner to help Blake get the win and become the new Television Champion. 

Backstage stuff

Hyan had an interview where she was asked about the challenge of Angela. Hyan dismissed Angela as little more than a rookie, saying that there are way too many rookies coming in and getting title shots.

Ayden Christiano told La Familia that next week they will be one step closer to the Texas Title when he continues his best of seven series with Mysterious Q.

Gino spoke about his upcoming title defence against Rex Andrews. He said that he has been at the top of the pile since joining ROW and nothing to going to chance when he faces Andrews.

Clay Roberts and Cameron Cole formed an alliance, agreeing to team up to try and stop the Legion. 

The new Incorporated group of Barnes and Bartek tried to get Abel ready for his main event title defence in an as always hilarious segment between the three.

Quick Results

Axton Lowe def Devin Devine

Van Harrison def Vega w/Diego De La Cruz

JJ Blake def Terrale Tempo and Abel Andrew Jackson to become the new ROW TV Champion

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