Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16, Day Two: Recap and results

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Day two of Progress Wrestling's Super Strong Style Tournament saw the four quarterfinal matches, as well as a champion vs champion match for the Progress World Championship and a number of other non tournament matches.

Super Strong Style 16 matches

Zack Gibson defeated Pete Dunne in the first of our quarterfinal matches. Your usual stuff here. Gibson interrupted the intros to cut a promo, everybody boos, Dunne deck the crap out of him and everybody cheers. It’s predictable yet still awesome. The progress ultras were on fine form with chants of Shoeserweight and Bruiserbaby to Pete Dunne early on. It’s incredible that Dunne has gone from hated heel to beloved face in only a year without really changing anything, which is just a testament of how good he really is. Lot’s of shenanigans, with Drake getting involved throughout before Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins got involved, resulting in Dunne attacking Gibson with a chair to get disqualified. Meaning Gibson moves on to the next round.

Keith Lee defeated Angelico in a first time match between the two. Classic big man vs high flier match. A clash of styles that worked perfectly. Lee has always worked better against smaller guys, as shown with his match if the first round win over Flash Morgan Webster the day before. Using his size advantage to control the majority of the match, even swotting his opponent out of the air at one point. The big man got the win after hitting a Ground Zero to advance to the next round. This was awesome.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Starr in what was arguably the match of the round and the tournament so far. These two had a killer of a match in wXw recently and this one was even better. Both men are known for their technical ability and this quickly turned into a brutal grapple and strike heavy masterpiece that kept everyone enthralled throughout. These two are destined to wrestle each other for years to come and this was one of the finest matches in Progress this year. Zack eventually locked in Orienteering with Napalm Death to get the win and advance to the next round. Simply Superb.

Tyler Bate defeated Kassius Ohno to give the last match a run for its money as match of the tournament in what was a proper slug fest between the two WWE contracted wrestlers. It’s amazing to think that Ohno has almost been wrestling as long Bate has been alive. Ohno has proven he can work with anybody, regardless of size and his best matches often come against those smaller than him. Such a mixture of styles throughout this one, with Bate showing his strength to get Ohno up for the aeroplane spin, getting a standing ovation in the process. A Tyler Driver 97 gave the former WWE UK champion the win over the former Chris Hero. This was truly incredible, and it’s lovely to see Ohno being allowed to have great matches in this environment. 

The semi-finals of day three will be Tyler Bate vs Zack Gibson and Keith Lee vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Banks takes the easy way out

The main event saw champion vs. champion. The Kiwi Buzzsaw vs. The Ring General. The Terminator against The Chop Machine. Somebodies chest was about to die. Banks has slowly turned heel over the past few months, mostly due to the popularity of WALTER and the fact he is taking over the world of independent wrestling with his chop heavy style. Banks took it straight to the Atlas Champion, attacking him during the introduction. This was pretty much the only chance he had against the big Austrian, as going toe to toe with WALTER doesn’t usually end well for his opponents. It didn’t take WALTER long to take control and soon the chops were ringing down on Banks, with chants of 'WALTERS gonna kill' you echoing throughout the room. 

The match was really starting to get good when TK Cooper interfered, dressed as Roman Reigns, he attempted the superman punch but was quickly dismissed by WALTER. Banks took advantage of this and decided to leave with the title. The ten count came and WALTER won the match by count, but the title stayed with Banks. This angered WALTER, and he told Banks he was a disgrace to this company before hitting Cooper with a massive powerbomb to end the show. Good match that was ruined a little by the shenanigans at the end.


Also on the show, The team of Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster defeated Mark Andrews, Joey Janela and Chris Brookes in a six man tag. Webster seemed reluctant to really turn to the dark side with his new team and the story between the three is building slowly. After the match, Joey Janela challenged Jimmy Havoc to a death match on Day Three, which Havoc obviously accepted.

Jack Sexsmith cut a promo saying that no matter who won between WALTER or Banks, he would be become the champion when he gets his title shot at Chapter 69.

The team of Millie McKenzie and the returning Sierra Loxton and Laura Di Matteo defeated The House of Couture trio of Jinny, Chakara and Nina Samuels when Di Matteo make Chakara tap out. Very good showing from the winning team, with Loxton especially impressing. I would love to see more of her in Progress going forward.

A battle of the first round losers, Jordan Devlin defeated TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo in a three-way. Fun match, with the highlight being a spectacular overhead kick on a beach ball from Devlin before the match started.

Quick Results

Zack Gibson w/James Drake def. Pete Dunne by disqualification in a SSS16 quarterfinal match

Jordan Devlin def. TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo in a three-way

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins & Flash Webster Morgan def.Chris Brookes, Mark Andrews & Joey Janela

Keith lee def. Angelico in a SSS16 quarterfinal match

Zack Sabre Jr. def. David Starr in a SSS16 quarterfinal match

Millie McKenzie, Sierra Loxton & Laura Di Matteo def.House of Couture (Jinny, Chakara & Nina Samuels)

Tyler Bate def. Kassius Ohno in a SSS16 quarterfinal match

WALTER def. Travis Banks by countout

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