John Cena: what's next for the leader of the Cenation

Continued Rivalry with Baron Corbin

The John Cena-Baron Corbin feud is still in its infancy despite having a match already at a Pay Per View as big as SummerSlam. With that said, it wouldn't matter if Cena eventually wins the entire feud in the future as this would not hurt Corbin's status and may even be a set up for "The Zack Ryder Effect" which would eventually lead to Corbin becoming world champion. 

A victory at SummerSlam for Cena would only mean Corbin would want to exact his revenge on the 16-time world champion by assaulting him week-in and week-out leading to another Pay Per View match not to mention Corbin wanting to make sure he brings Cena down for the rest of his life for costing him the Money In The Bank briefcase.

The Power of Love

Hardcore indie marks considered the signing of Maria and Mike Kannelis in the WWE to be a sign of better things to come especially when they landed on SmackDown Live which has more of a creative fluidity. Indie marks got disappointed though as their gimmick of being a motivational speaker of love just can't connect with the WWE Universe.

They might be professing the Power of Love but they certainly are not SmackDown Live's power couple. That delegation belongs to John Cena and Nikki Bella who have already been paired together in a storyline in the past and which would basically make it more interesting now that they're engaged.

There are a lot of angles to fire from in this potential feud be it Cena vs an Indie Guy again or How Nikki Bella and Maria are different despite coming from the same era of WWE Divas or even Cena's past with Maria. 

If the WWE wants to utilize Maria and Mike Kannelis as a couple, this is the way to do it in order to keep them relevant on a WWE level. It's just a question right now of when Nikki Bella will return.

Jumping Shows

We may have mentioned "The Zack Ryder Effect" happening to Baron Corbin but let's not forget that John Cena is still indeed a Free Agent as advertised meaning he could simply move on to Monday Night Raw while Corbin enters the title picture in some different kind of way.

It can be now or it can be after another Hollywood gig but he definitely has to be seen on the red brand if the WWE wants to follow through with "Free Agent" John Cena. A jump to Monday Nights would only mean a plethora of new feuds to engage in which brings us to...

Another Dream Match

Roman Reigns might be the one being pushed as the WWE's Mega Star right now but that is not the only dream match that wrestling fans, in general, would clamor for. The dream match with Shinsuke Nakamura happened on television which means a potential match with guys like Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, or Finn Balor do not necessarily have to happen on one of the Big Four Pay Per View but on an episode of Monday Night Raw or a Raw Exclusive Pay Per View instead.

There is also the intrigue of Kurt Angle returning to in-ring competition and given the history between the two (and yes Angle is the only one to make "Mr. Never Give Up" tap out). Angle has not faced what is now "Super Cena" but the two already faced off in a feud back in 2003, when John Cena was the "Doctor of Thuganomics" in what could be considered the feud that helped elevate Cena further up the card.

It would just be a matter of how to turn Kurt Angle heel from his current babyface authority figure character because Cena isn't definitely going to be turned heel.

Back to Hollywood

John Cena's status as a part timer (which he would rather call all timer) means he could simply not show up to the next TV tapings and fans would understand the reason why. Cena has been making strides in Hollywood's TV scene which might parallel how The Rock is on the movie scene someday.

A return to Hollywood would also give another breather to fans who think they have been seeing too much of Cena for the past decade. There are no confirmed reports as to Cena's future commitments in Hollywood but shall he not appear this Tuesday Night on SmackDown Live, we exactly know where he is.

What do you think is next for John Cena? Let us know in the comments below!


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