GFW Impact's Eli Drake & Chris Adonis: "Jim Cornette is stuck in the past"

For this week's GFW press teleconference, the wrestling media were invited to speak with Eli Drake, the new GFW Global Champion, as well as his partner in crime, Chris Adonis. RealSport were at that conference to bring you the highlights of what the champ had to say.

On winning the GFW Global Championship:

Eli Drake: "There's no nothing better than raising that title up. When you get that feeling, there's nothing like it."

On Sexy Star's controversial shoot armbar on Rosemary:

ED: "Very unprofessional on Sexy Star's part. I've heard of her reputation before... I hope for everybody's sake, this isn't going to damage the relationship between AAA and GFW, and hopefully, it's handled appropriately. I'm actually going to AAA next week to defend the Global title, so I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for things like that. I'm definitely going to be on high alert as far as that's concerned, make sure nothing like that goes down while I'm there."

On Johnny Impact:

ED: "He looks like a star, a rockstar, and a lot of people say that there are some wrestlers who are more style than substance, and I think that could be Johnny Impact. With me, simplicity is key - what you see is what you get, and the substance is there."

On Jim Cornette:

ED: "I was excited when I saw Cornette come in, I was like, 'cool, this is going to be good, we're going to see eye-to-eye'. And then things quickly and immediately fell apart. I don't know, I guess we'll see how things go."

Chris Adonis: "I've known Jim for years, I started out in this business with Jim. I don't think it takes you long to see what I know, and that's Jim Cornette is stuck in the past. That's the one problem with Jim Cornette, is he can't get out of 1972. So maybe if we've got to take him kicking and screaming into the new era of professional wrestling, we'll do it. Like Eli said, when I first saw JC, I was happy to see him, it was nostalgic for me. It was like the beginning of the business. But then, once again, JC starts screwing with us, and we already have a problem. So we'll have to see how this relationship with Jim Cornette pans out."

On Alberto El Patron:

ED: "Everybody knows all the stuff going down, all the controversy. Personally, I think for now we can do without it, but aside from that, who knows what the future holds?"

On working with Percy Pringle [Paul Bearer]:

ED: "Coming across a guy who could give me advice, who could give me guidance, or even back up some of the ideas I had, was an amazing tool. Here's a guy who managed amazing talent throughout the world, and to have that guy in my corner for two or three years, and to be able to use him as a resource, and also have him as a friend, you couldn't ask for anything better. I think it came in the perfect time in my career, and I do miss him on a daily basis as we used to speak regularly. Just an amazing guy, and a lot of fun."


ED: "I think we're doing amazing things, and unfortunately because of maybe decisions in the past or whatever, our platform has become smaller. I think that challenge, growing that platform, is huge. It gives a lot of hunger, a lot of drive to the guy and the girls who are there. I've had opportunities to go other places, I know other guys have had opportunities to go other places, and I turned it down because, firstly, I'm getting paid decently, but aside from that, I want the challenge of taking this company, that's had some hard times, and now moving that thing up. I'd rather do that than go somewhere already established and huge."

On looking for gold in other promotions (after Eddie Edwards won Pro Wrestling Noah's GHC Heavyweight Championship last weekend):

ED: "I'm looking to take over the world, that's all I know. Whether that means defending the GFW title, or taking titles from other companies, I'm all business. The thing is, I've got everybody under the sun gunning for this Global title. Now if this affords me the opportunity to wrestle for other titles, where we go title-for-title, I am down."

CA: "Doesn't matter if it's AAA, doesn't matter if it's Noah, we've got our passports and we're ready to go. Any gold on us looks good, so we're game."

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis' top five dummies in GFW:

5. American Top Team (collectively)

4. Bruce Prichard

3. Moose

2. Jim Cornette

1. Johnny Impact

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