Caps Locks and Chair Shots: One Year Anniversary Show (podcast)

A lot has changed in a year. Everyone has grown, the landscape has changed. Some things still remain the same. Asuka is still undefeated. The New Day and The Usos are still the best tag teams on SmackDown. The Undertaker will probably go on last at WrestleMania, and the Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast is still going strong.

It has been a bumpy ride. In the last year, we have lost two co-hosts. Some of us have lost dear friends. Some of us have gained and lost significant others. Some of us have seen setbacks in our professional and personal lives. However, one thing we have had was this show. 

To everyone who has made this show possible, we owe you a heartfelt thanks. Whether it has been the administration of this website, or the listeners, or the guest hosts, or even our significant others who have put up with us while we record at all hours of the night and talk, and sometimes screamed, about pro wrestling, we say, from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

While none of us know what this show holds as we move forward, we can always look back and cherish the fun and frivolity we have all shared during these shows. 

And as always, if you are not down with the Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast, we got...


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