Baron Corbin: What's next for the new US Champion?

AJ Styles' rematch clause

Since AJ Styles was the dethroned titleholder, he still has his contractual rematch clause by automatic stipulation for all title defenses. This scenario could go one of two ways...

One scenario could see Styles lose his rematch and go on to compete for the WWE Championship by virtue of "The Zack Ryder Effect". The other option would be for Styles to go into a lengthy feud with Corbin which would culminate in him either winning the United States Title back or us reverting back to scenario number one after a possible saga.

Scenario number two makes more sense however as the Styles-Corbin feud is still in its infancy which means more could still be potentially made out of a continued storyline. Considering the criticism he gets for his limited arsenal, Corbin could benefit from working with the blue brand's top star. That being said, if he's still got doubters backstage, he would have to work well with AJ Styles in the long term to keep his current spot. 

This title run has proven that WWE officials still have faith in The Lone Wolf. It's now just a matter of Corbin following through. Regardless of the outcome of this potential rematch, it has been confirmed by that it will take place tonight on SmackDown Live. 

Focusing on Tye Dillinger

Currently, Corbin is in a feud with both AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger as we saw how it all boiled down last Sunday at Hell in a Cell. AJ Styles will eventually get his rematch clause, but what happens to Corbin's issues with The Perfect 10?

It would be interesting to see the two NXT stalwarts have their time to shine (especially Dillinger) on the main roster through a feud of their own. Shall Styles move on to bigger things such as the WWE Championship, that only leaves Dillinger with a legitimate claim to challenge for the United States Title at the moment. 

It would be a good first title feud for Corbin, who Dillinger used to work with at the WWE Performance Center as well. A successful feud could do well for both competitors, and Corbin could get plenty of heat against such a fan favorite while keeping both men higher on the card. 

United States Open Challenge

When Baron Corbin made his WWE debut in NXT, he was a very raw performer with almost no moveset to be seen. His squash matches were composed of the NXT crowd at Full Sail counting from opening bell to closing bell to see how long would it take Corbin to finish his opponent. The majority of the time, the only actual move he hit was his finisher. 

Even with Corbin's improvement as an in-ring performer, they could still bring back that angle with a series of United States Open Challenges. With a number of superstars backstage that barely get some TV time, Corbin would not run out of challengers up until the matches become longer and the names become bigger with each week.

The United States Open Challenge can be a good way to revive Corbin's early days in NXT. Besides, that's what got him over in the first place, right?

And for the worst case scenario...

When Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase, the whole feat got in his head to the point that he rubbed the wrong people which made him lose the contract as fast as he won it. Right now, the US Championship is a smaller responsibility which Corbin must not squander.

During his Talking Smack interview after Hell in a Cell, Corbin in his words showed signs to reverting back to what allegedly lost him the briefcase. He'll have the chance to prove himself tonight as AJ Styles is cashing in his contractual rematch on SmackDown Live. Will Corbin lose the United States Championship even quicker than he lost his Money in the Bank briefcase? 

What do you think about Baron Corbin being the new US Champion? Let us know in the comments below!

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