"Impact Wrestling feels like it did in 2009": Madison Rayne on her return, how Impact has changed, and more! [EXCLUSIVE]

(All Images Courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

With just over two weeks to go before Impact Wrestling presents the 16th annual Slammiversary, RealSport got to speak exclusively to Madison Rayne ahead of her opportunity at the Knockouts Championship against Su Yung. Despite a decade of experience, Rayne only recently returned to Impact Wrestling after spending some time back on the independent scene. She spoke to us about coming back to Impact, her quick rise back into the title picture, how the company has changed, and more!

Returning to Impact Wrestling

RealSport: After spreading your wings some outside of the company, what brought you back to Impact Wrestling?

Madison Rayne: Initially, [it was] the opportunity to come back and jump back into commentary, which was something I had the opportunity to do just briefly in 2016. So, initially what brought me back was being able to come back and provide a soundtrack for the Knockouts Division. Obviously, things change quickly in professional wrestling and here I am weeks away from Slammiversary, getting ready to defeat Su Yung and become a six-time Knockouts Champion. 

RS: What was the experience like on commentary? How did Josh Mathews help you prepare for that role? 

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