WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 3: Format, Schedule & Standings

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The Arena World Championship Circuit is World of Warcraft's highest level of Arena PvP in the world, and AWC Season 3 has finally arrived.

The event features top teams from both the European and North American regions, who battle it out in order to secure a spot in the WoW AWC Grand Finals.


Here's everything you need to know about WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 3 - including its format, schedule, and current standings.

AWC Circuit Format

The top eight Arena World Championship Circuit teams from both the European and North American regions will compete in a four-week long, round-robin style circuit in AWC Season 3.

WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 3: Format, Schedule & Standings - AWC Circuit Format
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FORMAT: The AWC Circuit will follow this format

Teams will be awarded 1 point per series win, and the top four teams of each region will then qualify for the AWC Grand Finals and Cross-Region Tournament with the chance to represent and crown themselves the world champions.

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The Arena World Championship Circuit will host four weeks of round-robin matches, with the European region broadcast prior to the North American region.


The first set of matches kicked off on Saturday, May 28, 2022 - Sunday, May 29, 2022, and three more weekends lie ahead.

These are the remaining dates for the AWC Season 3 Circuit:

  • June 4 - June 5
  • June 11 - June 12
  • June 18 - June 19

Each day has a total of seven matches with European teams duking it out four times to start Saturdays while North American teams play in the three remaining matches. On Sundays this is inverted, meaning that European teams start out with three matches and the North American teams close it out with four.

All of these matches can be viewed on the official World of Warcraft YouTube in English here.

Here is the full AWC Season 3 schedule and matchups to come:

Week 2

Saturday, June 4

  1. No Money Just Funny vs. Delirium
  2. Kungarna vs. LF Org
  3. Casual Dads vs Bugs
  4. SK Gaming vs MyWay
  5. Cloud9 vs. Kawhi
  6. Golden Guardians vs. Novus
  7. Team Liquid vs. Unitas

Sunday, June 5

  1. Kungarna vs. Bugs
  2. SK Gaming vs. Casual Dads
  3. MyWay vs. No Money Just Funny
  4. 3.5 Men vs. Cloud9
  5. Kawhi vs. Novus
  6. Golden Guardians vs. Team Liquid
  7. Power Men vs. Unitas

Week 3

Saturday, June 11

  1. Casual Dads vs. No Money Just Funny
  2. Bugs vs. Delirium
  3. Kungarna vs. Sk Gaming
  4. MyWay vs. LF Org
  5. 3.5 Men vs. Unitas
  6. Team Liquid vs. Kawhi
  7. Cloud9 vs. Power Men

Sunday, June 12

  1. LF Org vs. Delirium
  1. MyWay vs. Casual Dads
  2. Kungarna vs. No Money Just Funny
  3. Cloud9 vs. Unitas
  4. 3.5 Men vs. Power Men
  5. Golden Guardians vs. Kawhi
  6. Team Liquid vs. Novus

Week 4

Saturday, June 18

  1. MyWay vs. Delirium
  2. SK Gaming vs. Bugs
  3. LF Org vs. No Money Just Funny
  4. Kungarna vs. Casual Dads
  5. 3.5 Men vs. Kawhi
  6. Golden Guardians vs. Power Men
  7. Cloud9 vs. Novus

Sunday, June 19

  1. MyWay vs. Bugs
  2. SK Gaming vs. Delirium
  1. LF Org vs. Casual Dads
  2. Power Men vs. Novus
  3. 3.5 Men vs. Team Liquid
  4. Kawhi vs. Unitas
  5. Golden Guardians vs. Cloud9


There are tons of matches to watch and play, so you're bound to miss out on some. That's why we've consolidated all of the outcomes in one place; we will also be updating it weekly.

European Standings

Teams Points
Kungarna6 points
SK Gaming6 points
Casual Dads3 points
lf org3 points
Bugs3 points
MyWay0 points
No Money Just Funny0 points
Delirium0 points

North American Standings

Teams Points
Three and a Half Men6 points
Team Liquid6 points
Unitas3 points
kawhi3 points
Golden Guardians3 points
Cloud90 points
Power Men0 points
Novus0 points

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