WoW Shadowlands Servers UP: Mythic+ Dungeons, Castle Nathria, PVP Season 1 are LIVE!

WoW Shadowlands can now truly be put to the test, as the new weekly reset has introduced Castle Nathria, Mythic+ Dungeons, and PVP Season 1!

For players looking to raid, push Mythic+ Dungeons, or PVP in Arenas or RBGs, your time is now.

Shadowlands Servers are UP!

Shadowlands servers are up after going down for maintenance to add in the massive content update! Some players, however, still can't get in just yet.

WoW Shadowlands servers down up castle nathria mythic+ dungeons pvp season 1
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GEAR UP: WoW Shadowlands servers are back for some players!

That means players can hop into game now to try out all of the huge new additions, and pick up massively improved gear from any of them.

Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons

The first two weeks of WoW Shadowlands offered Mythic 0 difficulty dungeons.

WoW Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons Servers
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MIGHT FOES: Shadowlands dungeons will be much more difficult on Mythic+

And while this 184 Ilvl gear was a nice boost, the addition of Mythic+ Dungeons means some massive new Shadowlands loot.

WoW Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons will work under the following system: Players must complete Mythic 0 dungeons, which will earn each party member a random key to a Shadowlands Dungeon of a higher level. This key will add difficulty to the dungeon, and depending on the level, an additional modifier to the mobs and bosses inside.

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Players try to continue pushing their keys to grow and eventually reach the highest level of Shadowlands Mythic Dungeons, which in week 1 will be Mythic 10!

Shadowlands Castle Nathria

WoW Shadowlands' first raid, Castle Nathria, is now open!

WoW Shadowlands Castle Nathria
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DANGER: Castle Nathria is the first raid of Shadowlands

Players can take on Castle Nathria on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

You can read over our Castle Nathria guide here to learn about all 10 bosses and the raid's loot.

Shadowlands PVP Season 1

WoW Shadowlands PVP is finally hitting rated content with Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds!

WoW Shadowlands PVP Arenas Battlegrounds Conquest
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TAKE AIM: WoW Shadowlands PVP is about to level up

This arrives with Shadowlands PVP Season 1 - which also offers Conquest Points and Conquest rewards.

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This will be a huge Ilvl increase and scale up many classes that may not have been as competitive in the first two weeks of Shadowlands.

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