World of Warcraft: What is Warcraft Logs?

World of Warcraft's existence as a game has produced tons of other features as a byproduct.

Thanks to its nearly 20-year lifespan, one can point at the longtime popular title as a key catalyst in improvements of video game add-ons, especially in the MMORPG genre, the usage of voice and text chats such as Ventrilo, Mumble, TeamSpeak, and later Discord, and much more.

In addition to the improvements it's welcomed, WoW's nature has also produced out-of-game add-ons such as Warcraft Logs.

What is Warcraft Logs?

Warcraft Logs is a community-built website that utilizes in-game combat logs to create detailed analytics. Thanks to these numbers, players are able to grasp a myriad of valuable information beyond the usual, damage dealt, damage taken, and healing done.

World of Warcraft: What is Warcraft Logs? - Warcraft Logs overall
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Credit: Warcraft Logs
BOUNTIFUL INFO: Warcraft Logs provides endless amount of information

With Warcraft Logs, players can take a look at both individual and group player performance. It includes information on all forms of damage and healing, damage done, damage taken, damage taken by a spell, healing done, healing taken, and overhealing.

In addition, this website allows one to look at buff and debuff uptime, player, and NPC, such as bosses, positioning, and much, much more via extremely detailed charts and graphs. To top it off, the feature also allows players to replay an encounter.

Apart from in-game add-ons, Warcraft Logs is a great way to view information that you normally wouldn't be able to see.

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What is Warcraft Logs used for?

Thanks to the endless amount of combat information it gives, Warcraft Logs has many uses.

World of Warcraft: What is Warcraft Logs? - Warcraft Logs deeper info
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Credit: Warcraft Logs
SPECIFIC INFORMATION: Warcraft Logs can provide specific information

With the website, apart from being able to look at all of the previously stated information, one can look at points that could be used for an improvement of both a player and a group. This includes how fast a group kills a boss with Speed, how well they're performing in an encounter with Execution, Boss Damage for DPS and Tank, and lastly Healing.

Essentially, due to players having so many numbers available to them, it's the perfect way to improve. If a player is looking to up their damage output they can look at other top-performers of their class and see what abilities they use and when. If a player wants to figure out which trinket is the best for them they can do so by looking at their trinket uptime.

These are just a few examples of the amount of information Warcraft Logs provide.

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