How to get the Scrappy Worldsnail mount in WoW Dragonflight

Scrappy Worldsnail WoW Dragonflight

Scrappy Worldsnail WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Dragonflight, has brought tons of content for players. From a new max level cap and the Dragon Isles to tons of new dungeons and a new-look Renown. Players have had their hands full. One of the many activities is collecting mounts, in particular, the Scrappy Worldsnail mount.

Recently enabled by Blizzard Entertainment via the November 30 hotfixes and uncovered by the World of Warcraft community, this slag-filled slug has become available for players to make their own.

With that in mind, here's how to get the Scrappy Worldsnail mount in WoW Dragonflight.

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How to get the Scrappy Worldsnail mount in WoW Dragonflight

Prior to getting Scrappy Worldsnail mount in WoW Dragonflight, there are a few prerequisites, mainly four quests. Here they are:

  • A Cultist's Misgivings
  • Punching Up
  • Under Lock and Key
  • The Shadow of His Wings

Known as the side quest chain of "Shadow of His Wings," players can start the chain with "A Cultist's Mistgivings" quest located at 39.45, 48.33 at The Waking Shores.

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Becoming a Worldbreaker

From there, you'll work on Becoming a Worldbreaker. In order to do this, you must obtain a Worldbreaker Membership. To become a Worldbreaker for the first time, you'll need to turn in a Restored Obsidian Key to Igys the Believer to obtain a Twilight Cache which has a chance to drop a Worldbreaker Membership.

Scrappy Worldsnail mount WoW Dragonflight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
SLUG SNAIL: The Scrappy Worldsnail mount has become available in WoW Dragonflight

Upon obtaining it, you can use the item to receive the "the Worldbreaker" temporary title that lasts two days and also gives Worldbreaker Membership.

Farming Magmotes

After completing all of that, all that will be left is to farm Magmotes. Here are the three currently known ways to farm them.

  • 3-6 Magmotes can be gained with every Restored Obsidian Key turned in to Igys the Believes
  • 25 can be gained from the "Same as the Old Boss" weekly from Donvehtal the Chosen. It's worth noting that the NPC only gives it when you have the Worldbreaker title
  • 1-3 can be gained from killing mobs around the Obsidian Citadel while being a Worldbreaker and having the prerequisites completed

Obtain the Scrappy Worldsnail

Once you collect 1000 Magmotes, return to the Worldbreakers cave (35, 47) and purchase the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell from Dealer Vexil, and that's it!

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