Valorant Map Trailer Drops After Gameplay Leaks

The leaked gameplay of the newest map in Valorant was released yesterday. This forced Riot to release their newest trailer for the map Pearl. This is the first map released since September last year which saw Fracture hit our screens.

An hour before the new trailer was released, a Facebook page released gameplay of the new map, Pearl. Battle pass weapons were also shown in the eight-minute-long clip.

Because of this, Riot decided to release their trailer detailing the new map and what it contains.

Valorant's Pearl trailer details

Kingdom Industries are the creative mind behind the bunker-like city. The Valorant trailer acts as an advert for the newest city, Pearl, built to survive the climate-change disasters which affected the world above.

The new map only has two bomb sites and seems to consist of a lot of corridors and alleyways. The tight spaces make sense considering the whole city is covered in a Radianite-infused polycarbonate dome to protect inhabitants.

Pearl is inspired by Portuguese culture and looks to be based in Lisbon. The voice-over in the trailer also speaks with a Portuguese accent. This is the first map to be set in Omega-Earth the parallel world to maps such as Haven.

Release date for new Pearl map

Pearl will be released on June 22 with Valorant Patch 5.0. The same patch will also remove the highly popular map Split and alter some bugs in Haven.

There is a Pearl-only ranked queue which will allow agents to get used to the newest map and learn its layout. After two weeks, the map will then move to the competitive rotation.

Pearl map in Valorant
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Content Creators will have early access to the new Valorant map, so keep an eye on YouTube for any early gameplay footage of Pearl.

Seven maps

A recent blog post on Riot's official website stated

"The team thinks seven is a nice sweet spot that offers both variety and mastery"

as it gives Valorant agents a chance to focus and develop skills on each map. This is why Split was recently removed to keep the balance and stop players from becoming overwhelmed.

The newest map is sparking excitement for Valorant players who want to learn and master it. Will you be playing it for those two weeks before moving to the competitive queue?

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