Valorant Reveals Team Deathmatch and New Maps

Valorant Team Deathmatch Maps, Piazza District, Kasbah
Credit: @ValorLeaks on Twitter

Valorant Team Deathmatch Maps, Piazza District, Kasbah
Credit: @ValorLeaks on Twitter

Riot Games had just dropped a bombshell cinematic trailer with details on the much-anticipated addition to the Valorant game mode roster - Team Deathmatch!

Orchestrated by the menacing Maxbot who has endured enough abuse in the workplace, the new game mode will pit players against each other in a battle royale-esque fashion.

Along with images and details shared by @ValorLeaks on Twitter, this game mode will introduce three unique maps, each of which appears to be an amalgamation of all the current Valorant maps.

Riot Games has been teasing Team Deathmatch for quite some time, and the Valorant community is eagerly awaiting more information about this highly-anticipated game mode.

Valorant Team Deathmatch Release Date and Rules

Based on the Dev Diaries video, Valorant’s Team Deathmatch will be released alongside Episode 7.

Although Riot Games has not provided a specific date for the new Episode, according to how developers have scheduled patches and updates in the past, it is expected to drop on June 27.

Screenshot of Maxbot in Valorant Team Deathmatch Game Mode Trailer
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Credit: Riot Games
Maxbot has had enough!

Team Deathmatch will offer fast-paced and intense combat. Unlike traditional Valorant game modes that centre around planting or defusing the spike, Team Deathmatch will focus solely on eliminating opponents. Players can look forward to intense firefights, quick respawns, and action-packed skirmishes!

According to the leaks, Team Deathmatch’s rules are as follows:

  • First to 100 Kills
  • Respawn every 1.5s
  • 4 Different Stages, Weapon load-outs changes with each stage.
  • Weapon Spawners, Orbs, Recovery Orbs, Ultimates Orbs and more.
  • Abilities will refresh after each cooldown.
  • 1K XP per match

Valorant Team Deathmatch New Maps

Aside from rules and details, ValorLeaks also dropped video teasers of the new maps Piazza, District, and Kasbah. Based on the game mode trailer, the maps were derived from Ascent, Split, and Bind, respectively.

A screenshot of Valorant Team Deathmatch Map 'Piazza', which looks like a mix between Ascent, Pearl, and Breeze
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Credit: @ValorLeaks on Twitter
Valorant Team Deathmatch Map 'Piazza' looks like a mix between Ascent, Pearl, and Breeze

Team Deathmatch has garnered a highly positive response from the Valorant community, as it offers a refreshing break from the intense and competitive nature of the game's traditional game modes, appealing to players seeking a more lighthearted and enjoyable experience.

This battle royale-esque game mode is sure to make waves within the Valorant community. Stay tuned for official updates and announcements regarding the much-anticipated game mode, Team Deathmatch!

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