Valorant Now to Record In-Game Chat to Reduce Toxicity

Online team games have always had a reputation of toxicity in the community. However, Riot is changing this by monitoring in-game communication in Valorant to reduce the damage dealt by toxic language.

Toxicity has not only been an issue for Valorant, but League of Legends has also developed a stigma for suffering from toxic comms. Subsequently, Riot is cracking down on players who speak in this way.

The voice evaluation system is a totally unique way to deal with the trolls. So this should provide a useful system for those who feel uncomfortable playing the game.

The new Voice Evaluation System in Valorant

The new voice evaluation system for Valorant will mean that trolls won't get away with as much as they could before. Although the ban hammer could be lifted before this idea, the thud didn't hit as hard as it should have. As a result, Riot is upping the ante.

The first stage of the Valorant software will mean that it will only listen to the in-game comms, and not react to the reports of agents. The beta form of the software will be released in North America and Europe, later this year.

This will mainly help Riot to assess the reason why players are reported. Additionally, as the chat software gets updated, it may even be able to remove people from Valorant games who are causing issues for other players.

How will this affect players?

Valorant players will need to agree to this feature in order to be able to use voice chat. If players do not want to get their voice recorded, they cannot use voice chat in-game. Clean chat players will not have this worry though.

Specific words in Valorant can also be muted in the communication settings of the game. To help with toxicity whilst we wait for any further details regarding this new software.

Viper from Valorant
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Meanwhile, Valorant players can still use the in-game voice chat to talk with other players without being recorded. The new system looks like an interesting change to the game that Playstation has also implemented. But how effective the software will be is up for debate.

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