Valorant Login Issues June 21 2022: Are the Valorant Servers Down?

Valorant players all around the world have woken up this morning to grind their ranks before the new episode release.

But players in various regions such as North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific are finding themselves being placed in a continuous login queue that doesn't seem to budge.

With today being a pivotal day to climb the ranked ladder, many fans are becoming frustrated that they can't log in to level up.

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What is the issue with the Valorant login?

Some players in these regions are trying to log in but are being met with a never-ending login queue. This is in spite of the fact that at this time of the morning there are usually very few Valorant agents online.

Valorant login screen
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The servers are active, but a majority of the players trying to access the game are being denied entry.

What has Riot said?

Riot has acknowledged the issue, and in usual Riot style, is trying to fix this issue in a speedy manner.

“We’re aware of a problem that’s causing players to get stuck in a login queue and are working on a fix.”

The time pressure is on for Riot. Today is the final day for the Valorant competitive queue before it gets reset in time for Dimension, set to go live some time tomorrow.

Valorant agent
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It shouldn't be longer than a few hours before everyone will have equal access to the Valorant servers once again. This article will stay updated with the latest news directly from Riot.

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