Valorant Killjoy Nerf Leaks - Killjoy soaring win rate warrants nerf

Valorant has always had difficulties with balancing its agents. First, it was Chamber, and now Killjoy is becoming an issue.

With an extremely high pick and win rate, she is dominating both casual and pro matches similarly.

However, there have now been leaks that a big nerf will soon be making its way to the spectacled agent.

And it isn't just taking away her glasses.

Coming from a prolific leaker, we shouldn't take this as gospel, but definitely consider the impact on the game.

So, let's look at the leaked nerf for the agent Killjoy in Valorant and how this will affect her matches coming up.

Valorant Killjoy Nerf Leaks

Killjoy has had some really great rates recently with her wins and picks in Valorant.

But, she is beginning to climb onto the level that Chamber once was. Making her much harder to defend against.

So, Mike from @ValorLeaks has now revealed some leaks found to help balance Killjoy.

In the tweet he stated...

'A Killjoy Balance is in the works.'

As a very brief message, not much information was given about the details of this leak.

But, we should expect some more leaked information soon. If not, then some official information from Riot Games.

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Previous Killjoy Nerfs

Killjoy had never been much of an issue until the most recent act of Valorant.

Patch 6.03 saw her most recent nerf in which her Turret had its health reduced from 125 to 100 and its ultimate ability’s point cost increased by one.

Killjoy from Valorant
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Riot stated that this was to stop Killjopy from becoming 'the premier sentinel' in the game after Chamber.

But of course, if these recent leaks are to be believed, then that clearly wasn't enough for the overpowered agent.

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