Valorant: How to Claim the Limited Edition Alpha Threat Card

Valorant is giving away a limited edition freebie. It's an Omega-Earth-themed player card that is given to anybody for a limited period.

Lore has always been a strong point for the Games developers Riot Games. However, the extension of the Valorant world with Omega-Earth is getting a new addition with this card.

With the latest card for Valorant released, here is how to get the latest free loot.

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The Valorant Alpha Threat Card

Valorant is a free-to-play game by nature. Although, there are cosmetic goods which can cost IRL money if you want to. However, with other free-to-play games, micro-transactions are often the case to look your best.

From time to time, the developers at Riot Games give out free content to its players. This is the same deal as what is happening with the Alpha Threat player card.

The free Alpha Threat card is easy to claim and there are no requirements for who can claim it.

How to get the Alpha Threat player card

The first step is to have a Riot account and have Valorant installed. Easy! From there, players will be given a prompt about the player card which will then state that it has been claimed.

ALpha Threat card from Valorant
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However, Alpha Threat is only available for a short period of time. If you log in and find the prompt hasn't appeared, it's likely that you have missed the cut-off point for the free loot.

Equipping the card is also given as an option for the player. But if you don't click on this, there is a way to equip it afterwards. Here's how...

  1. Click on the Collection option on Valorant's home screen.
  2. Look for the Player Card option on the left-hand side and click it.
  3. A box can be clicked to Show Owned Only which makes it simpler to find.
  4. Look for the Alpha Threat card and click the equip button.

Using the newest Alpha Threat card is very easy and all players shoudl take advantage of free stuff.

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