The Best Valorant Esports Teams in 2022: History, Awards, Details, and More

Riot Games Valorant has been making some fast growth since its release two years ago. With a budding esports scene that is already creating some big names, the game will go far.

Due to the huge hype around the release, teams were actually being formed before its release. Because of this kickstart to the game, competitions started shortly after the release. This has never been done before in the world of esports.

With a huge number of professional Valorant teams in 2022, let's look at the best and most successful of them. We will look over their history, awards and more.

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5) Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a European team that is based in the Netherlands. The whole team has been around since 2000, but twenty years later, their Valorant roster was formed. They were semifinalists for champions at Rejkavik in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, they also finished in the top four which is a great achievement.

Team Liquid from Valorant
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Some key players in their Valorant team include:

  • Kryptix
  • Nivera
  • Jamppi
  • AverageJonas

4) DRX

DRX are one of the most hyped teams currently in the Valorant esports arena. In early 2020-2021, the team were infamous for having a 102-match winning streak. The Korean team won Stage 1 Masters in Korea and First Strike korea which no other team has done before.

DRX Valorant team
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Some key players in their Valorant roster include:

  • Zest
  • MaKo
  • BuZz
  • stax

3) Sentinels

This North American team are racing ahead as one of the best in their region. They are a team who seems to have it all. Their players are perfect separately but also have good enough synergy together too. In early 2021, they won the Stage 1 Masters for the North American region.

Sentinels valorant team
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They house some of the best players in Valorant currently such as...

  • ShahZam
  • TenZ
  • shroud
  • Zellsis

2) OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming has a great achievement list when competing in international events. Although I would like to put them in that number one spot, their loss to Gambit at the Master's Berlin lost them that spot. Their successes are still great and with a team as strong as this, there's so much potential.

Optic Gaming Valorant
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Some popular names in Gambit include...

  • FNS
  • crashies
  • yay
  • Marved

1) Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports is a Russian organisation who have moved from CSGO to Valorant in 2020. Currently, they are the CIS Stage Masters but have also won other regional tournaments. Their win against OpTic in Berlin really showed fans how tight their gameplay can be.

Gambit Esports Valorant roster
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Some great competitors in their roster include...

  • Chronicle
  • Sheydos
  • Redgar
  • d3ffo
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