Pro Gamer Benjyfishy Leaves Fortnite for Valorant

Pro-Fortnite gamer Benjyfishy has had his career speculated after he only played Valorant in his streams. His fans also noticed that he was the only big name in Fortnite not to attend DreamHack in Sweden.

Since then, he has announced that he will be leaving Fortnite to go and play Valorant instead. Ditching the game that made him famous could not have been an easy decision, but he has backing from his team, NRG.

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The announcement from Benjyfishy

The 18-year-old Brit made his break at Fortnite back in 2018, when he was 14 years old, then moved to NRG and made a huge name for himself, racking up almost two million followers on Twitter alone.

Benjyfishy stated in a heartfelt video on his official Twitter account that he would not be playing Fortnite anymore. He stated that

"I would like to become a pro gamer. In order to do that, it seems useless to continue with something I don’t enjoy."

as he addressed all his fans on his Twitter.

His fans showed support in the way that millennials do. Lots of gifs and memes. Everybody seems to approve of his decision to leave the game and lots of luck was wished to his new venture.

Why did Benjy choose Valorant?

Valorant was chosen by him as he said "it’s genuinely the most fun that I’ve ever had gaming". The popular FPS game has been increasing in popularity recently with many professional gamers going to the game to excel in their career.

Valorant pro player
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He also stated that he won't be jumping straight into the Valorant pro scene but will be streaming his progression to get to that stage with the support of Benjyfishy team beforehand.

Where can I watch Benjy?

Benjyfishy has his own official YouTube channel and also streams frequently on Twitch.

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