UFC 4: Daniel Cormier Rises to Max 5 Star Rating

UFC 4 has a new fighter to join the exclusive 5 star fighter club - Ratings Adjuster Daniel Cormier!

DC Receives Highest Rating in UFC 4

For months, Daniel Cormier has been part of adjusting fighter ratings and announcing them to the community for UFC 4 as its Ratings Adjuster.

UFC 4 ratings 5 star fighters on launch
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DEVELOPMENT: UFC 4 started with just four fighters at the maximum 5 Star rating

While it might seem contrived, DC has now received the 5 star rating for his legend character in UFC 4 - and it's very well deserved.

Cormier's Legacy

Daniel Cormier leaves behind one of the greatest legacies in MMA, being a dominant heavyweight and light heavyweight with a laundry list of accolades.

UFC 4 Daniel Cormier 5 star rating update
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GOAT: DC has a strong argument for greatest of all time

For starters, Cormier retired with a 22-3 record, losing only to Jon Jones once (with their rematch being ruled a No Contest due to Jones' positive drug test) and Stipe Miocic twice.

During his career, Cormier managed to make history as a UFC double champion, reigning as Light Heavyweight Champion and Heavyweight Champion in the UFC simultaneously. DC was also the two-division champion to defend both belts in UFC history.

With this in mind, Cormier is long overdue for the 5 star rating in UFC 4.

UFC 4 Update 10.00 Adds New Fighters

The new Daniel Cormier rating change comes just days after the latest patch for UFC 4, Update 10.00.

UFC 4 Update 10.00 patch notes ciryl gane rob font added
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A NEW FOE HAS APPEARED: UFC 4 Update 10.00 adds Gane, Font

In the update, UFC 4 added up two new fighters in Rob Font and Ciryl Gane, added Venum gear to the game, and fixed some bugs as well.

You can read over the patch notes here.

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