Tekken 8: How to unlock all endings

Jin Tekken 8
Credit: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 raises the stakes in its latest instalment, "The Dark Awakens," delivering an immersive story mode that breaks away from its predecessors with cinematic cutscenes and unexpected plot twists. The story mode also features two different endings and in this guide, we will show you how to unlock all endings in Tekken 8.

You will be slowly taken into the polished and colourful world of Tekken 8 as Unreal Engine 5 has brought significant improvements to the overall look and feel of the popular arcade. As you play through the chapters, you might miss a couple of storylines, wanting to defeat everyone all the time, but sometimes you have to lose for the greater good. Let's dive into all the small details that Tekken 8 offers with its multiple endings.

How to unlock all endings in Tekken 8

We already mentioned that Tekken 8 has multiple endings. These are:

  • Hope Ending
  • Despair Ending

With this information in mind, prepare yourself for some massive spoilers.

Devil Jin vs Devil Kazuya final fight
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Credit: Bandai Namco
Devil Jin vs True Devil Kazuya

Tekken 8: Hope ending

To get Tekken 8's Hope ending you need to emerge victorious as Jin Kazama in the final battle of Chapter 15 against Kazuya Mishima. Prepare for a few rounds as there will be six battles.

Reina Tekken 8
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Reina Tekken 8

After Jin's win a cutscene will play out during which Jin receives a message from his mother, Jun. Jin is on a cliff overlooking the sea, victorious and having eradicated the Devil Gene he picks up a flower left there by his mother, symbolizing her influence in his triumph.

The subsequent scene shows Jin and Xiaoyu riding off into the sunset. However, a mysterious set of women's legs approach Kazuya's motionless body. The mid-credits scene reveals this woman as Reina, Heihachi's daughter, who transforms into Devil Reina. This scene is important for the future of the series as Reina will assume the antagonist role in the next instalments, carrying on the Devil Gene.
With the good ending, the world is rebuilding, getting ready for the new challenges that await.

Tekken 8: Despair ending

For the players to unlock the Despair ending in Tekken 8, Jin needs to lose to Kazuya in the last of the six fights in the final showdown between the pair. You need the wait for the last part of the battle when Kazuya gets that red aura glow and QTE pops up. Do not react and let the scene unveil. The next thing you know, Kazuya will be throwing Jin off the cliff. We have seen this one too many times in previous instalments of the beloved franchise.

After this is completed, the story will switch to Kazuya at his Mishima Zaibatsu office as he plots his next take on world domination, despite not possessing the Devil Gene.

If you wait a little longer, the final credits take on a more sinister tone, accompanied by a foreboding musical backdrop. The revised credits showcase a manic Bryan Fury wreaking havoc with the G Corporation, an army of Jack-8 units asserting control over the streets, and Nina Williams departing to an undisclosed location. Each scene serves to solidify Kazuya's reign over the world.

The post-credits scene for the Despair ending mirrors the one in the Hope ending, implying that Reina will pose the latest obstacle in Kazuya's path.

This is all you need to know about how to unlock all endings in Tekken 8 as the story takes a different turn with Reina assuming the main antagonist role.

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