When is the 2022 NBA Draft?

The 2022 NBA regular season is drawing towards its conclusion, with the top sides in each conference preparing for a post-season title charge.

However, those towards the bottom of the Eastern and Western Conferences will be looking ahead to the 2022 NBA draft, in which they will be hoping to get their hands on the best young talent available.

But when will the 2022 NBA draft take place? And who could be walking away with the number one pick this year?

What is the NBA Draft?

The NBA draft is an annual event, in which the teams in the NBA take turns selecting players who have never played in the competition before.

In order to be eligible for selection in the draft, those available must have played at least one year in college basketball, as players cannot enter the draft directly out of high school.

If a player has not completed all four years in college then they are not automatically enrolled on the draft, instead, they must declare themselves eligible for selection.

The first 14 picks in the NBA draft go to the teams that did not qualify for the NBA Playoffs that year. The order in which teams get to make their picks are decided via the NBA Draft Lottery.

When is the 2022 NBA Draft?

The 2022 NBA draft will take place following the conclusion of the 2022 NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals will begin on Thursday, June 2nd and will end between Friday, June 10th and Sunday, June 19th (depending on results).

The 2022 NBA draft will take place on Thursday, June 23rd.

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