Turbo Golf Racing: Beta goes LIVE with exclusive rewards

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Turbo Golf Racing is the new title released by Secret Mode and Hugecalf Studios, set to bring a lot more action to the usually sedate game of golf.

The Beta is out now for a limited time only, so make sure you get on it while you can, not only to claim exclusive rewards but also to experience golf like never before!

Find out all you need to know about the Beta below, including how to access it, what rewards you can get, and how long you have to play.

What is Turbo Golf Racing?

Turbo Golf Racing is a fast-paced arcade-style sports racing game for up to eight players, all competing to see whose speed-putting skills are up to par.

turbo golf racing
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TO THE HOLE - Get to the hole first to take top spot

Racers flip, glide, and dash their turbo-charged cars down winding fairways as they strike their oversized golf balls toward the finishing cup.

Golf will no longer be slow and steady, although you will still require the precision to take first place in this epic new title.

Release Date

There is no official release date for Turbo Golf Racing yet, but it is set to land later in 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass.

However, you can still enjoy a sneak peek of the mayhem by playing the cross-platform Beta, which was released on Thursday, 28 April on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

turbo golf racing
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CHAOS - This is no regular golf game

The PC version went live at 4am PDT / 12pm BST, with the title set to come to Xbox platforms at 8am PDT / 4pm BST.

Users have four days to play the Beta, with the window closing on Monday, 2 May at 4am PDT / 12am BST.

How to Access

To participate in the Turbo Golf Racing Beta, Xbox and Windows Store players must download the dedicated Xbox Insider app on their console or Windows device, and then register their interest via the Xbox Insider Programme previews page.

The Beta will also be accessible on launch direct from the Steam page.

Exclusive Items

It's not just the early gameplay you can enjoy by getting on Turbo Golf Racing ahead of the crowd, you can also earn exclusive rewards.

Turbo Golf Racing Beta Rewards
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BETA ACT QUICK - You have four days to earn the exclusive items

Beta players can secure up to three exclusive items in the final game. These items and their unlock conditions are:

  • Beta Avatar - Unlock by reaching level 2 in the Beta season
  • Beta Ball - Unlock by reaching level 8 in the Beta season
  • Beta Decal - Unlock by reaching level 12 in the Beta season

What's in the Beta?

The Turbo Golf Racing Beta contains:

  • 12 playable courses
  • Online, cross-platform matchmaking supporting up to eight players per match
  • Single-player time trials
  • Daily missions
  • Dedicated 15-level Beta progression season
  • Nine gameplay-changing Power Cores
  • More than 80 cosmetic items

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