Undisputed Career Mode Postponed to Early 2024

Undisputed Boxing Game Career Mode Delayed Till Early 2024

The Career and the Character Creating Mode on the Undisputed game are experiencing a delay. This was confirmed by developer Steel City Interactive (SCI). Although both modes were initially set to launch this fall, they're now expected in 2024. In an 18-minute video on the game's YouTube channel, creative director Ash Habib explained that the delay is due to the studio's commitment to guaranteeing the Career Mode meets its standards. Pushing the early access beta career mode's release to the beginning of 2024 will allow the team to concentrate on improving important gameplay areas. It will also help establish a solid foundation for the mode's official release.

Announcement Details

Undisputed hit Early Access on January 31st this year via Steam. However, key features like Career Mode and Character Creating Mode still need to be available. Despite community expectations for their arrival by the end of 2023, the recent announcement means the game will have no new release till 2024.

The team has maintained a low profile since teasing these modes several months ago. We can safely assume they are still looking for a better outcome than the game's current state. Some important gameplay areas need real improvements. And, in preparation for Career Mode's release, they're taking extra time to improve the experience, refining AI to be more "meaningful and dangerous." SCI emphasizes the need to fine-tune career progression, improve overall playability, and make the mode more enjoyable and exciting. These factors majorly contributed to the delay in the modes' release.

Community Engagement

Despite regular updates, Steel City's Undisputed faced criticism since its initial release. Critics pointed out issues such as the lack of action against cheaters and uncertainty about when career mode and console releases would happen. Disappointed fans, who purchased the game, expressed grievances about the delay. Many suggested the alternative of releasing Career Mode as an open beta for mutual benefit.

Some, however, speculated that the delay was necessary. To them, the game has many issues with the core gameplay and basic online functionality. Gamers acknowledged that Steel City Interactive is a young studio with a small team and implored the gaming community to be patient. While people received the news of the delay with mixed reactions on social media platforms, many believe SCI is working diligently behind the scenes to provide the desired offline experience for players.

Key Features of Career Mode

Career mode lets boxing fans follow a unique path to become a world champion. But they have to do this by controlling some of the sport's greatest names. The mode is playable for all licensed boxers on Undisputed, including male legends like Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Calzaghe, Canelo Alvarez, Vasilii Lomachen, Tyson Fury, and Terence Crawford. It also includes a women's list featuring fighters such as Katie Taylor, Natasha Jonas, Jessica McCaskill, and Alicia Napoleon.

A top-notch boxing game like Undisputed is only fun with belts. So, in both Career Mode and Character Creating Mode, you can vie for titles, including WBO, WBC, IBF, and SCI, in the boxing ring. The expectation is for the WBA belt to be added before the official game release. That will be a tremendous addition.

Character Creator Mode Delay

This Customization Mode is expected to come with goodies that will make you feel every emotion of the game. Aside from throwing a few punches, there are many more things to look out for. Let’s go through some of these breathtaking features.

Create your boxer

In Undisputed career mode, you could begin with licensed fighters or create a player from scratch with preferred features. You’ll choose the hairstyle, facial structure, fighting style, body fat, and tattoos to your taste. This applies equally to both men and women. Clothing is customizable, and a selection of licensed boxing gear is also there for you.

Build your team

You’ll also get to select a coach or lead trainer, a skilled cutman (or cutwoman), and a manager to arrange fights for you. They play a crucial role in developing your skills and fetching you some money, experience, affinity, and fame as you climb the ranks. These coaches won’t work for free, though. But isn’t that what makes it even more enjoyable?

Negotiate your fights

You must decide which opponents to avoid and which ones to face. Upfront costs, team's share, and contractual agreements will all influence how you split earnings. You’ll also get to negotiate rematch clauses and promotional cuts through the manager.

Media Activities

You'll need to handle some media duties, too. They include TV ads, social media posts, and fan meet-and-greets. They will all contribute to promoting your fights and, naturally, boosting your fame.

In-ring action

An innovative Coach advice system is equally in place. During the fight, the manager plays a key role. His job then will be to provide specific instructions as the AI fighter adjusts to the gamer's style.

Training camps

Entering the ring unprepared is the last thing any fighter wants. Undisputed offers a thorough training camp for preparation. You have different Training Sessions, allowing you to fine-tune your fight skills. Training choices will also determine your strategy against the next opponent.

Betting on Boxing

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the delayed new modes from Undisputed, observing simulation games' significant impact on understanding how boxing betting works is quite interesting and beneficial. These games, often found in online casinos, offer opportunities to bet on virtual boxing matches. Their influence is noteworthy, especially for those keen on exploring boxing betting. The realism of 3D animations in these games is unique, which makes players appear lifelike. The experience feels more natural with background sounds of loud cheers from the crowd and exciting commentary, so you feel like you're sitting ringside at a boxing match.

They usually model players after real professional boxers like Tyson Fury. The focus, however, is on surviving 90 seconds of intense ring punches. Unlike real-life boxing, betting on the box isn’t based on winners or losers. Instead, the markets concentrate on fighters enduring 90 seconds against Tyson Fury (or whoever the protagonist is).

Potential Betting markets include:

  • Seconds Survived (in intervals of 10)
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 40
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 50
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 60
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 70
  • Method of Victory (Counted Out, 90 Survived, Ref Stopped Contest)
  • Method of Victory and Seconds Survived Combo bet

Looking Forward to 2024

Since the announcement was made regarding the delay, gamers and boxing fans have no choice but to enjoy early access until next year. Indeed, many people have yet to get over the recent disappointment. Yet, the gaming community continued anticipating the release of the primary modes. Everyone wants to see significant improvements to compensate for the extra waiting months. All eyes are on SCI and the fantastic offerings they have in store for gaming enthusiasts.

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