Top eFootball Tournaments to Bet £1!

Top eFootball Tournaments to Bet £1

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, so its computer analogue very quickly appeared. In 1993, the first part of the football simulator, FIFA International Soccer, was released on the console. Since then, the popularity of e-football has continued to grow.

The actions of football players on a virtual team are subject to a computer algorithm. The winner is the one who has better mastered the mechanics of the game and is ready for different outcomes. The interest among bettors is attracting classic football as well as cyber football and placing a 1-pound bet can add an element of excitement and anticipation.

The popularity of 1 pound minimum deposit betting sites among bettors of eSports is on the rise because they offer an easy way for fans to join the growing world of competitive betting without spending too much money upfront.

eFootball Features

Most often, tournaments are played based on FIFA, produced by Electronic Arts, in which players control virtual football players created according to the characteristics of real ones. Cyber football has a lot of advantages.

One of them is that you can play without leaving home; for example, the last eFootball Championship Pro was offline. Unlike traditional football, you have to try hard to get injured in an interactive format, except for dislocated fingers during very active play on the gamepad.

eFootball Championship Pro 2023

Top eFootball Tournaments to Bet £1
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Yes, eFootball Championship Pro is one of the top tournaments many esports players want to participate in. The reason is not only that they want to prove to each other who can handle tension and in-game situations better, which, of course, is also the case.

The prize fund for the tournament is USD 500,000, which is almost nothing for regular football but a huge amount of money for eFootball. Players also train, prepare for opponents, select squads, and much more, just like in real football.

At the last eFootball Championship Pro, the Manchester United team led by Kilzyou won, beating FC Bayern München in two out of three matches. As a result, the broadcast was watched by almost 2 million viewers worldwide, including those who placed bets.

FIFAe Club World Cup

Top eFootball Tournaments to Bet £1
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As is clear from the title, this is one of the most important and high-profile eFootball events in the world. The organiser is a game developer company together with FIFA, and as a result, the prize fund is a huge $1,000,000. Which are distributed among all teams by participants, of whom there were 24 at the last event. As a result, the prize fund was divided as follows:

  1. RBLZ Gaming ($300,000)
  2. FUTWIZ ($150,000)
  3. Napoli eSports ($75,000)
  4. TG.NIP ($75,000)

Teams that took 5th-8th place received $40,000, 9th-16th $20,000, 17th-20th $10,000 and 21st-24th $10,000. The winners were Anders "Vejrgang" Vejrgang and Umut "Umut" Gültekin from the RBLZ Gaming team. The final was very hot and tense, especially for those who placed bets.

Even a £1 bet at the moment when the score in the BO5 series became 2:2 felt a thousand times more. As a result, FUTWIZ could not cope with the opponent and took second place. The FIFAe Club World Cup is the most anticipated event for eFootball fans; missing it is the same as missing the Premier League final.

Global Esports Tour 2023 Riyadh

Top eFootball Tournaments to Bet £1
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Riyadh has been actively attracting fans of esports, betting, and competitions over the past few years. Most recently, a Dota 2 tournament with over $45 million in prize money was held in Riyadh. Now, the turn has come again to the Global Esports Tour.

This was already the third season that was held here, and it always took place over two days in August (26-27) as part of the Gamers8 festival. But despite this, the real elite of eFootball came here to compete for a prize pool of $50,000.

The victory was won by two titans, Alejandro "AlexAlguacil_8" Alguacil Seguira and Saul Adrian "Palma" Chavez Saucedo, which was a huge shock to many bettors who bet on their opponent. Why? The fact is that their rivals Rachid “Usmakabyle” Tebane and Milosz “TheOnly1Zilo” Mateusz Zietek were three-time world champions, a clear favourite against strong, but at some points uncertain players.

As a result, the derby ended with a score of 2:1 (there were 3 matches in total and the series was BO5), where, despite the victory of Manchester in the end, Bayern took the first round quite easily and clearly.

The Final Word

Perhaps it may seem strange to some that someone chooses eFootball instead of the classic and legendary sport. The fact is that modern trends do not stand still and are actively moving forward. eFootball is considered as one of the most popular eSports for betting, although betting on CS:GO, Dota, Leage of Legends etc has become widespread as more fans enjoy predicting and wagering on the outcomes of competitive matches.

Most likely, eFootball will never be able to replace traditional football, primarily because without it, the video game will not be able to develop, create virtual versions of Holland or Messe, and simply be interesting. So this is just another step towards improving the cyber sports niche and new types of betting.

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