Ways and techniques to earn gold in World of Warcraft

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft

WoW is considered one of the most interesting and popular MMO RPGs; moreover, in a sense, it is also the progenitor of the genre.

You choose which faction in the conflict to give preference to, which way to level up, and how exactly to build your gameplay.

In essence, you choose one of two formats for character development - focusing on leveling up and striving for new updates, territories and equipment, but sacrificing the hero’s equipment and earnings and catching up on everything lost already at level 60. It won’t be easy for you, because each game segment and level has an optimal set of equipment and weapons with a minimum strength indicator for effective gameplay.

The second option for character development is to focus on WoW gold and achieve the accumulation of effective equipment and weapons at each stage of character development up to level 60 and sending to the Dragon Islands and then up to the final level 70.

Ways and techniques to earn gold in World of Warcraft
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One way to get a stable amount of World of Warcraft gold is to complete two types of tasks.


These are the tasks that the developers set for you to teach the basic mechanics and gameplay aspects, earn gold and equipment that are available to everyone without exception.

It is more difficult for supports to get stable experience and gold due to weak damage, but quests solve this problem by providing a stable opportunity to gain resources by completing strictly defined tasks and receiving fixed experience and gold for completing them.

Story quests are often the longest in terms of completion time and are valuable in terms of explaining the overall history of Azeroth, the cause of the conflict between factions, and the most important events that determine the advantage of both sides in major battles.

Regular quests

These are the quests that fill the world of Azeroth and allow players to gain additional gold and experience.

The best option is to combine such tasks and main quests, but always check the total reward, because if you don’t do this, you can either miss valuable trophies, or, on the contrary, spend a lot of time on low-value tasks.

To profitably combine all types of quests and get the maximum amount of experience and gold, just carefully read the story task and understand in which location it will be performed and take all the accompanying tasks that will be performed there and simply complete all tasks to get maximum experience and WoW gold.

Ways and techniques to earn gold in World of Warcraft
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If you want to regulate the pace of gaining gold and experience yourself, then you need to grind more actively and more often.

This is a hunting format in locations in which you simply destroy a large number of monsters and yourself regulate the pace and time you will spend on the process.

It is advisable that your character has the potential to deal single and quick damage, or massive damage to a group of targets at once, because you need speed and damage for the grind to be effective.

If you kill 20 monsters per hour, then such grinding will not be effective, and the amount of WoW gold will be minimal, and then it is better to concentrate on raids and quests.


One of the best and most stable ways to turn your gameplay into earning World of Warcraft gold is to engage in professions.

You simply develop your craft and resource gathering and then produce useful items for the Azeroth servers. Starting with the Dragonflight update, all profession mechanics have been reworked, making them simpler, more relevant, and more profitable for the players who engage in and purchase them.

One important mechanic has appeared that greatly simplifies the process of developing all craft professions and allows the player to get more cheap gold in World of Warcraft.

This is an order table - an object that appeared in the very center of the capital of Dragon Island and allows players to place orders for the production of items and weapons, and profession masters to take orders to work, complete them and earn them in exchange for the finished product.

To place an order, the player must have the recipe and all the necessary materials, as well as attach payment for completing the order. In turn, the client also sets the minimum qualifications that a potential candidate for production must have, because the likelihood of creating a masterpiece depends on the abilities of the artisan.

In World of Warcraft, there was one big problem in crafting - all high-quality items cannot be transferred and sold, because they become registered exactly at the moment of creation and the master who crafted it becomes its rightful owner.

Players who do not engage in professions will be unable to obtain such items except in raids, but the Dragonflight update has finally solved this problem.

Now the player who orders any item, pays for the services of the master and attaches all the necessary materials is the full owner of the item, and in this way you can even get purple things, which significantly expands the possibilities for strengthening the character without additional skills.

A master, depending on his qualifications and chosen specialization, can craft many items for other players and earn gold in World of Warcraft for any of them.

You will produce equipment and weapons, jewelry, tools for other craftsmen, because the developers from Blizzard carefully mixed the ability to craft between different crafters.

For a crafter, this is an excellent opportunity to simply stand in the city, take orders and complete them within 30 minutes and receive gold and additional upgrades in the skills of the chosen profession.

Choose Blacksmithing if you want to work with heavy armor, steel weapons, weapon and equipment sockets, and tools for yourself and other crafters, like tailor's scissors.

Select leatherworking to work with light armor and weapons for characters with the agility attribute - bows, crossbows.

Select Tailoring to work with magical armor and Inscription to craft staves.The jeweler will create jewelry to protect against magic and orbs for attacking magicians.

All these professions are needed by different professions of players in order to fully use their heroes in different development scenarios.

Therefore, no matter what profession you choose, you will still find your clients and earn WoW gold.

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