A Game-Changer: Valorant Latest Anti-Cheat Update

A Game-Changer: Valorant Latest Anti-Cheat Update 2023

The last decade has seen competitive online gaming rise into a profession for millions and entertainment for even more. As the number of players in the niche increases, so does the need to strengthen monitoring and maintenance activities to sustain a fair and anti-cheat environment.

Daily offerings, free spins, and contests are leading ways some online gaming platforms reward their players with access to more games. However, without vibrant integrity protection, cheats will circumvent these bonuses and allowances and illegally usurp competitors.

At the Valorant Game Changer's event, Riot Anti-Cheat raised a red flag after a long technical break in a competitive match against Complexity GX3 last October. Riot Competitive Operations quickly ruled it as a forfeit loss before delving into a detailed investigation. This decision left many community members frustrated.

But that’s just one of the many exposed cheating activities in the online gaming world. In this article, you will learn more about:

  • The Riot Vanguard
  • How it works
  • How to set up and remove it
  • Its effectiveness against fraud

The Concept of Riot Vanguard

Riot Vanguard is the proprietary security system that helps Valorant protect its competitive integrity from cheaters. It stands out as one of the most potent anti-fraud solutions in the market, employing a thorough and precise approach to monitor players' activities and details. It usually initiates automatically upon Windows startup.

However, Riot Vanguard did raise some concerns from the community, especially shortly after it launched. Players were worried that Riot Games may be collating personal and other sensitive information from their devices. Others suspected it was a crypto-mining system.

Some have alleged that Valorant is a form of Chinese spywaresince Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, owns a majority of shares in the parent company. While these concerns are understandable, there is practically no tangible backing to show that Riot Vanguard violates any of its privacy policies by gathering sensitive information from players.

Besides, Valorant’s developers have satisfactorily debunked these myths. If you’re still in doubt about Riot Vanguard’s operations, perhaps understanding how the entire system works will clarify your suspicions. Meanwhile, suppose you require additional gaming experiences from other niches and countries. Check out this top Australian online casino list according to Outlookindia.com for excellent options to consider.

How It Works

Riot Vanguard works as a cheat detection system powered by AI. It uses special drivers to keep Valorant safe from cheaters. The program runs quietly in the background all the time, no matter what you're doing in the game. It links the Riot game servers and checks the system regularly for anything suspicious or dishonest.

This Artificial Intelligence system not only assists in examining possible fraud but also enables the discovery of new cheating patterns. This helps them stay updated on the clever ways unfair players try to bend the rules and maintain the fairness and legitimacy of the game.

Convicted players receive a ban, which could last three to four months or even forever. Since the platform has extensive access to the cheater’s device, it could spot the hardware and prevent all subsequent access to the game.

Installing and Uninstalling Guidelines

Riot Vanguard doesn't exist as a standalone product; it's bundled with the game. When you download Valorant, it is automatically installed on your computer. If you don't have Valorant on your device, you can visit the official game’s website, create an account, and download the installation wizard from there.

Uninstalling Riot Vanguard can be done through different methods. A simple approach is to right-click on the Riot Vanguard system tray icon and choose to uninstall. Alternatively, you can remove it from the installed apps section in the Windows settings. If you wish to reinstall it, open the Riot Client and click on the “Install Riot Vanguard” button located near the “Play” tab.

Remember, though, that Riot Vanguard is critical to launching Valorant. Players found playing games without it or uninstalling it during a game could get a ban. It also helps to note that Riot Vanguard requires players to enable Secure Boot mode and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) before launching the game. Visit your PC’s BIOS settings to activate Secure Boot under the Boot options to do this.

Check if your system supports TPM before attempting to enable it. Since most modern systems support it, you can readily turn on the Trusted Computing Option from your BIOS settings. This system typically differs from device to device and is labelled under various names like Security Device, Security Device Support, or Intel Platform Trust Technology.

Is Valorant Anti-Fraud Powerful Against Cheating?

Perhaps you’ve wondered, “How effective is Valorant’s anti-cheat at detecting cheaters and ridding the system of them?” The straightforward answer is yes. It’s one of the best programs in contemporary FPS games.

Riot Vanguard utilises a blend of behavioural analysis, heuristics, and machine learning algorithms to spot suspicious activities and fraudsters at once. Besides, its invasive monitoring nature allows Riot Games to spot new cheating styles in the dynamic landscape of cheaters.

How to Verify the Effectiveness of Valorant’s Anti-Cheat Program

One of the best ways to verify the effectiveness of Valorant’s anti-cheat is to check out the stats Riot has released since 2020. In late 2020, Riot released some figures on the effectiveness of their anti-cheat program. Here are the stats:

97% of players have never received a single cheating report. Only 0.6% of players have received more than one report. 0.3% have received at least three cheating reports. Meanwhile, about 50%of all banned players were reported before the ban as of the report’s time. Although these numbers aren’t perfect to today’s stats, they are adequate to suggest the effectiveness of Riot Vanguard in shielding the platform from cheats.

Enjoy Worry-Free Gaming

Although many third-party and proprietary software can help game developers control the influx of online game cheaters, only a few, like Riot Vanguard, are exceptional. The proprietary anti-cheat software from Riot Vanguard has all the features that qualify it for the highest levels of integrity in all the platform’s offerings, including Valorant.

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