Skate: Latest Dev Diary Reveals New Gameplay Features, Information about San Vansterdam & More

Skate In-Game Footage

Skate In-Game Footage

The latest Skate dev diary revealed a lot of information about the game, revealing new gameplay features, the plan for San Vansterdam city, the main character story, and much more.

This historic franchise is returning and is determined to return better than ever. Fans can't wait to return to the immersive world of Skate.

A Rebuilt Control System

Skate developers worked very hard to rebuild the Flick-It control system, which is the main trick control system in the game. The goal is to make every trick seem unique, fun, and also satisfying to perform.

The Flick-It system's accuracy and control were also improved, making it easier to learn new tricks, especially if you are new to the Skate franchise.

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Developers are also working hard to ensure players have fun no matter how they choose to play the game. Whether online, offline, with or without friends, players will have a great time—or at least that is the goal of the Full Circle and EA Sports developers.

Furthermore, everything players do in the game allows them to earn rewards, which they can then use to customize their characters and skateboards and unlock new objects.

The City of San Vansterdam is Getting a New Look

San Vansterdam is back, but the historic city of the Skate franchise will look familiar and unique simultaneously. To do that, the developers took inspiration from the cities of Vanelona and Port Carverton.

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As of this writing, developers are mostly focused on the Downtown District of San Vansterdam, as they want to make sure that is a part of the city players truly enjoy and have fun skating at.

A Unique Soundtrack

The soundtrack is an important part of every game, especially one where you wander around an open-world setting.

According to the developers, Skate will have a massive soundtrack that " evolves and changes over time so you don’t get sick of it." Furthermore, what you listen to in the game will influence how the soundtrack evolves.

A great soundtrack can make a game incredibly more immersive, and we hope that is the case for Skate. After all, is there anything better than performing astonishing tricks while listening to fantastic music?

A Plethora of Character Customization Options

Skate is determined to provide players with many ways to express themselves. Players will be able to change their hair color and clothes, customize their boards, choose different body types, and much more.

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This will allow players to create unique characters, making the game even more immersive and the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Beta Playtesting is on the Horizon

If you are dying to get your hands on Skate, then you are in luck, as the game will enter playtesting for consoles in the fall of 2024.

You can sign up for the beta playtesting here, for a chance to be one of the chosen ones to try out the game.

Skate continues its development, and more information about the game will be revealed soon.

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