Dethrone The Lord of Chaos in The Most Dynamic Runescape Dungeon Ever

Runescape players are about to face off against a god by taking on Zamorak, Lord of Chaos in the newest dungeon and boss battle when it launches in early July.

Join up with your fellow heroes across the world of Gielinor and delve into the ruins of an ancient Zamorakian undercity filled to the brim with cultists, demons and mini-bosses before encountering the Lord of Chaos himself. Here is all you need to know about the new dungeon.

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Runescape's Most Dynamic Dungeon Ever

The newest dungeon releases on Monday, 4th July 2022 and is designed to be a dungeon for Runescape players of all kinds of skill levels, providing scalable rewards and outcomes.

This dungeon will feature high-level content designed to be played both solo and as a group with a diverse set of rewards and outcomes depending on the players' approach.

It isn't just for high-skill players, however, as this new dungeon is accessible to all Runescape players with three different difficulty modes to play on so everyone can enjoy taking on the Lord of Chaos at their own rate.

The first of the three difficulties is "story" and is the easiest mode of the three, designed for those who want to experience the narrative arc of this quest first and foremost without worrying about the action as much. This mode decreases the damage you take from enemies by a staggering 90%.

Then we have "normal" difficulty which is the standard dungeon crawling experience players will have come to expect from Runescape.

Finally, we have the enrage difficulty which is designed to push players to their very limits with "unlimited difficulty" and an endless onslaught of enemies to keep you on your toes and climb the brand new dungeon leaderboards, a first for Runescape.

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