Rocket League x Transformers - Autobots, transform and roll out!

Rocket League x Transformers
Credit: Psyonix

Rocket League x Transformers
Credit: Psyonix

Good news, Rocket League fans and 80s nostalgia enthusiasts! Your beloved vehicular soccer game has welcomed some extra-terrestrial guests from Cybertron to its roster.

To coincide with the release last week of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Rocket League has introduced a limited-time Transformers Bundle, and it's exactly the kind of cross-over content that'll get your engines roaring with excitement.

From today, the much-anticipated Transformers content is now available in-game. This themed bundle promises to transport players from the soccer field to the streets of Cybertron, offering a unique blend of sport and sci-fi action.

Leading the Autobot charge is the iconic yellow underdog, Bumblebee. For a price of 1600 Credits, you can purchase the Bumblebee Car, which includes matching Bumblebee Wheels and Engine Audio.

And that's not even the best part: the Bumblebee Car boasts a unique feature unseen in the game. When you clinch a victory, the vehicle will transform into robot mode and launch into a random celebration animation.

Also, keep an eye out for a rare animation that only happens when you snag the match MVP.

Please note, however, that the Bumblebee vehicle doesn't convert during regular gameplay, only during the Post-Game Spotlight. The vehicle colour is locked to yellow and customization options are limited to Boost, Trail, and Goal Explosion items.

For players eager to fully immerse themselves in the Autobot world, the Transformers Bundle is your golden ticket. Available for 2500 Credits, the bundle includes the Bumblebee Car, along with a heap of bonus items. These include Bumblebee Engine Audio, Bumblebee Wheels, the earth-shaking Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (also separately purchasable for 800 Credits), the Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner, and two Transformers-themed Player Titles.

The developers have also included the original 1984 "Transformers Theme" as a Player Anthem for 300 Credits. Pair it with the Optimus Prime Goal Explosion, and you'll feel like you're right in the middle of an epic Transformers battle while bagging goals in the soccer arena.

Whether you're a Transformers fan, an 80s nostalgia buff, or a Rocket League player looking for new ways to celebrate your victories, the Transformers Bundle offers an out-of-this-world way to enhance your gaming experience. But remember, Autobots don't hang around forever, and neither will this bundle - it's available from June 14 until June 27.

You can check the details and pricing of the items below.

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Transformers Bundle (2500 Credits)

  • Bumblebee Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Bumblebee Engine Audio
  • Bumblebee Wheel
  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion
  • Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner
  • Two Transformers-themed Player Titles

Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (800 Credits)

  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion

Transformers Player Anthem (300 Credits)

  • “Transformers Theme” Player Anthem
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