Rocket League Season 3 has finally begun

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Rocket League Season 3 has finally begun and it's going to be one of the best seasons for the game yet!

There are two major collaborations featured, as well as a whole lot more from Psyonix's competitive car chaos.

Below, we have everything you need to know before you jump into Season 3.

LATEST - Release Day!

Rocket League Season 3 is here. The new season kicked off at 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST on April 7th and is bringing a lot of great content.

If you're looking to jump into the new season as soon as you can, there's an update you can download right now which has everything you need for next season.

You can check out the Patch Notes for that below:

Rocket Pass Details

Ahead of Season 3, Rocket League shared new details on the next iteration of the Rocket Pass.

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As always, there are 70 Tiers of rewards for players to unlock and then a selection of painted items to earn if you go beyond that.

Rocket League Season 3
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NEW DECAL - The Rocket Pass always has a few cool surprises hidden in the Tiers

Despite it seeming like there's a "racing" theme for this Rocket Pass, there are still novelty items like a Jester Hat Topper and Roskilde Wheels up for grabs in the Rocket Pass.

F1 & NASCAR Aren't Coming Yet

Rocket League Season 3 is starting, but you should know not to expect the F1 Fan Pack and NASCAR collaborations to appear on Day One.

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Despite them both being pushed heavily in the marketing for the new season, they're not actually integral to the Rocket Pass or Season 3 content.

Rather, both of them will be coming in May 2021 as opposed to at the start of Season 3 on April 7th.

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You can see them in cinematic action in the tweet below:

Trade-In Button

Season 3 will bring a Trade-In button to the garage, making it much easier to navigate.

Rocket League Season 3 Trade In
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NEW: The new Trade-In button will streamline the process
"In the new Trade In menu, you'll see your tradable inventory organized into three categories: Core Items, Tournament Items, and Blueprints. Your items in each of these categories are organized by rarity. This new menu displays how many Trade Ins you have available, making it much easier to trade your items in quickly and efficiently.
Simply select the rarity of the item you would like to receive from the Trade In. Then, you can select your items and trade them in for an item of higher rarity. You can repeat this same process for your items earned from Competitive Tournaments, as well as Blueprints."

Season 3 Trailer

It might not be a comprehensive look at everything that's coming to Rocket League in Season 3, but we do have something to look at while we wait for the season to arrive in-game.

You can check it out below:

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Season 3 Rocket Pass Details

Although we're a little bit of a way out from a full Rocket Pass reveal for Rocket League Season 3, we do know a few things that are coming.

In a recent blog post, Psyonix has shared a few details about what's on the way in their latest Rocket Pass.

  • Tyranno Car (Unlocked instantly with Rocket Pass Premium)
  • Chequered Flag Goal Explosion
  • Traction Wheels
  • Retrogression Animated Decal
  • More Player Anthems
  • Up To 1,000 Credits
  • More

In addition to all this, Pro Tiers are being reworked for Rocket League Season 3 and will now be visible to all players and players will now be able to purchase them like standard Rocket Pass Tiers if they wish.

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You can get your first look at a few of these rewards in the Season 3 Rocket Pass trailer below:

Nascar & F1 Join Rocket League

Yes, you read that right. Two of the biggest racing franchises in the world are coming together, almost literally, in Rocket League Season 3.

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We're not sure F1 cars were built with Rocket Boosts in mind, but you can check out the trailer of how they're going to look in-game below.

Both F1 and NASCAR crossover content is due to drop in May, around a month after Rocket League Season 3 kicks off on April 7th, free for all Rocket League players.

Arena Changes

As it stands, there hasn't been any word on any changes coming to the ranked Arena in Rocket League Season 3.

With each tier of the rankings, there are multiple divisions that dictate whether you're on the way up (in Division IV) or on the way down (in Division I).

If you need a refresher, we have all the ranks listed below:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III

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  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Champion I
  • Champion II
  • Champion III
  • Grand champion I
  • Grand champion II
  • Grand Champion III
  • Supersonic Legend

For anything else regarding Rocket League Season 3, keep this page pinned and check out Rocket League's social media channels.

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