Rocket League Celebrates 8th Anniversary with Birthday Ball Event

Rocket League Birthday Ball event

Rocket League Birthday Ball event

Rocket League is one of the most popular games in the world. July 7 marks the game's eighth year anniversary, and Psyonix decided to celebrate in a unique way.

The studio announced the Rocket League Birthday Ball event. An event that will commemorate the game's eighth anniversary, and also bring back some popular game modes.

Players will be able to earn many exclusive rewards, play limited-time modes, and even buy birthday-themed items.

So, let's find out everything about Rocket League Birthday Ball event.

Birthday Ball event

The event starts on June 28, despite the game's eighth-year anniversary being only on July 7. It will be live until June 12, and a lot of content will release during that period.

Rocket League Hemi Birthday Player Anthem
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Players will have multiple event challenges to complete. These challenges allow users to earn some exclusive rewards. Among those rewards are an 8th Birthday Crown Player Banner, Hemi Birthday Player Anthem, and 300 Credits.

Golden Eggs can also be earned in these events. These eggs will unlock items from Champions Series 1-4.

Here are all the Birthday Ball event rewards:

  • 8th Birthday Crown Player Banner
  • 8th Birthday Avatar Border
  • Golden Egg '23
  • Hemi Birthday Player Anthem
  • Waned Flame Boost
  • Waned Flame Trai

Game modes

As mentioned above, this event will also bring some limited-time game modes.

The first one to be introduced is the 3v3 Supercube game mode. It will be live from June 28 to July 5.

Rocket League Birthday Ball event items
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Another game mode that will also be available for a limited time is the Beach Ball mode. This one will go live on July 5 and leave the game on July 12.

Exclusive items

The Rocket League Birthday Ball event also brings a plethora of exclusive items.

They are all commemorative items, and players will only be able to buy them while the event is live. Meaning that, once the event ends, you will never be able to get them again.

Here are all the Birthday Ball event exclusive items:

  • Titanium White Fennec (800 Credits)
  • Storm Watch: Noire Decal (2000 Credits)
  • Huntress Formal Fennec Decal (300 Credits)
  • Startrack: Noire Boost (400 Credits)
  • Battle-Cars Anniversary Cake: Noire Topper (200 Credits)
  • Cupcake Anniversary: Noire Antenna (300 Credits)
  • Party Time: Noire Goal Explosion (2000 Credits)
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