All Rocket League Ranks - how does MMR work?

Rocket League Ranks

Rocket League Ranks

Rocket League is now well into Season 10, with tons of new content arriving and one of the best-looking themes we've seen yet. Ranked is by far the best way to show off your skill, and earn some of the best rewards available in the game.

Ranked has had a few facelifts over the years, and much of the inner workings are somewhat shrouded in mystery, especially to newer players. Here's everything you need to know about how ranks and MMR work in the world of Soccar.

What is MMR in Rocket League?

MMR is much simpler in Rocket League than in many other games, as it directly correlated to your rank. Being a certain rank is a result of having an MMR number between two thresholds, and winning or losing a game increases or decreases your MMR respectively.

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Mmr Values for different ranks fluctuate in and between seasons, as the ranks are largely determined by a percentage distribution, where fewer players are allocated the higher rank you get.

Matchmaking will endeavor to match you against opponents of very similar MMR, which is usually the case in lower Rocket League ranks. At higher ranks though to speed up matchmaking between fewer players, differences arise.

In that case, winning against a higher-ranked opponent will win you more MMR points in that game. Similarly, losing against a lower-ranked opponent will lose you more points.

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How to Find your MMR in Rocket League

Unfortunately, unless you're in the upper echelons of Grand Champion or higher, there is no way to see your MMR in-game. That being said, with divisions in ranks you can pin down your value within about 100 points, which is close enough.

The other option is to use third-party sites like and log in with your Rocket League account. This will give you an exact value, as well as being able to see your other stats.

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