How to fix Rocket League Version Mismatch issues

Rocket League, with its infuriating teammates and addictive gameplay, has kept so many of us coming back, years after its release.

So when you just want to play it, the worst thing to be hit by is an error you don't understand. If you have problems with this, we're here to fix it.

How to Fix the Version Mismatch Error

As you may well be aware, we received an update on May 4 (which also came with a tease at new information). It mostly prepped the game for upcoming content, whilst also fixing a few bugs and making a few changes to the arena rotation.

Overall, it was a fairly minor change. This being said, playing with people without this update could lead to serious server problems. To fix the version mismatch error, you simply have to update your game.

Depending on your platform, you might have to just wait for it to self-install or manually update.

On Xbox and PlayStation, you can simply go into your games folder, click to manage the game and select 'check for update'. Alternatively, Xbox has a built-in function to check for updates in the download section.

Over on PC, Steam requires you to go to the updates section or the Rocket League app to install it. This being said, the Steam player base is dwindling as it can no longer be purchased on the Steam Store, since Psyonix's acquisition by Epic.

Moving over to the Epic Games Store, you can update games from your games folder by clicking on them and waiting for the update to pop up.

Rocket League Version Mismatch
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Prepping for new content

Finally, over on the Nintendo Switch, games should automatically update but will fail if you don't have the storage or have the game already open.

The key to most of these issues is to leave the game, wait for Rocket League to update, and then get back in there, ready to lose gracefully to your opposition.

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