Roblox Survive the Killer Codes (January 2023)

roblox survive the killer image

roblox survive the killer image

Roblox, through modes like Pet Simulator X, Heroes Legacy and Wacky Wizards, is a pretty incredible game. If you're looking for Roblox Survive the Killer Codes, this is what you need to know.

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LATEST - Active Codes January 2023

Active codes:

  • omgfinally – 100 Gems
  • NEWYEARGRIND – 60-minute XP Boost
  • SNOWMAN – Minty Hook weapon

Roblox Survive the Killer Active Codes

Unfortunately, the only active codes right now are the ones above. It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow, we will see more.

Roblox Survive the Killer
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We will update you right here if anything changes.

Roblox Survive the Killer Expired Codes

As the game has been going for some time, there are tonnes of expired codes for you to find. They are:

  • DESYNC - Redeem for The Broken Clock knife
  • LUCKY2022 - Redeem for Cookie Cutter Slycer
  • SANTA - Redeem for Santa Hat Slycer
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - Redeem for 2022 New Year
  • 900M - Redeem for 900M Slycer
  • HALLOWVEMBER - Redeem for Friendly Spirits Knife
  • 800M - Redeem for 800M Slycer
  • jumpbug - Redeem for the Jumping Bug Knife
  • 700M - Redeem for 700M Slycer
  • PRIDE - Redeem for the Pride Knife
  • Lucky Carver Knife - LUCKY2021
  • Heartbreaker Knife: cupid2021
  • Clover Carver Knife: LUCKY2020
  • Rusty Dagger: FRIDAY13
  • 10 Million Celebration Knife: 10M
  • Heart Breaker Knife: CUPID
  • Hollowed Moon Knife: SPOOKY2020
  • Holiday Knife: HAPPYHOLIDAYS
  • Burlap Brute's Chains: FULLMOON
  • Cheeseworth's Cheesy Chopper: CHEESE
  • Sawblade's Jigsaw Knife: SAWBLADE
  • 300k Knife: WhatsTheCode
  • Ribbons of Gold Knife: ThatsALotOfVisits
  • Devious Dagger: DEVIOUS
  • Happy's Circus Knife, 50 Coins, & 100 XP: KILLERCRAZE
  • Chucky's Rattle Knife: CHUCKY
  • Spoon Knife: SPOON
  • Purple Pinstripe Knife: MASHEDPOTATOES
  • Sunlit Glass Knife: TRADINGWHEN
  • Patched Knife: CRATESSOON
  • Test Knife: TEST
  • 100 Coins & 50 XP: 5MILLION

How to redeem codes

To redeem codes, just go into the game and look for the Twitter icon. Click on it and paste any active codes into the box. We should have more in the future.

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