How to start Roblox Squid Game details

Roblox can be a bit of a strange place. Allowing creators and players the tools to build their own games, they often come up with very strange games. In there, you can find games like Outbreak, King Legacy and Pet Simulator X. Squid Game is another odd game to hit the service. Here's what you should know about how to start it.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a brutal new Korean TV program that has just hit Netflix. It involves a group of gamblers with sky-high debts who compete in challenging (likely deadly) games to win 45 billion won and save themselves from financial ruin.

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Aside from its interesting socio-political insights and philosophical ponderings, it's also pretty dark and depressing with deadly games and devious plots. There's some pretty substantial hype around it since it launched on September 17th.

It's unsure if we will see a second season yet but its ideas have been found on TikTok, Youtube and now, Roblox.

How to Start Roblox Squid Game

Like the show itself, an invite to the Squid Game can be quite hard to find. First, you can go into the game itself and wait. They are currently working on an update to automatically register people to play but, for now, you will have to join the community and hope you get picked to play. There was a Discord server but invites seem quite limited right now.

If you don't want to wait around for the most popular game, others have also got to the formula and made their own Squid Game. This game has the very first game "Red Light, Green Light" and the team have plans to add more whenever they can.

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