Should You Trust Robux Generators?

Roblox is incredibly popular, but as we've established before when talking about how to get free Robux in Roblox, it's also a hotbed for scam artists and dodgy websites.

Given that the Roblox audience of players tends to be younger kids, it's obvious why so many websites and downloadable browser extensions exist.

All promising 'free' Robux for simply filling in some personal details or answering a survey.

Another somewhat suspect culprit in this massive operation is Roblox Robux Generators...

What Is A Roblox Robux Generator?

If you could see this writer right now, he'd be doing a great big shrug.

What is a Robux Generator? Beats me, because they don't exist. Or rather, they do, but they're a complete scam.

To quote cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes:

"Once all info is submitted and the magic “Do things now” button is pressed, it delivers the well-worn trick of popping a fake box claiming things are happening behind the scenes. Secret, hacker-style things working their magic on Roblox servers ... All you’ll get for your troubles is your personal information added to marketing databases via the survey links."

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One example of a potentially dubious Robux Generator site
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One example of a potentially dubious Robux Generator site (Via Malwarebytes)

The TLDR is that Robux Generators are scams designed to at best add you to marketing emails, or at worst, steal your sensitive personal info.

Either way, they're best avoided.

Again, to really hammer it home, here is what the Roblox Company say on their support page:

Question: Is there such a thing as a Robux Generator?

Answer: There is no such thing as a Robux Generator. If a person, website, or game tries to tell you there is one, this is a scam and should be reported via our Report Abuse system.

What Should You Do If You See Scams?

Firstly, keep away from them and don't download anything on your computer. Further too that, don't add any chrome extensions.

A lot will offer the opportunity to use these generators without the need for filling out surveys or 'human verification'

As per the Roblox Support Pages:

"Report messages, links, and games right away by using the Report Abuse links and buttons located around the apps and in every game menu. Our moderators will be able to take correct action against people trying to scam your account. You will also be helping to make Roblox an even better place! You can adjust your Settings to prevent others from sending these sorts of messages by selecting Privacy and choose who is allowed to send you messages, chats, and more."

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